Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Endorsement: Danny Goad for 6th District Chair

I and others here at the VA Social Conservative endorse Danny Goad for chair of the 6th District. He has served with distinction as the Giles County Chair, the Botetourt Vice-Chair, a Hampton School Board member, and as a campaign coordinator. Unlike many in the party, he has been successful in recruiting & training new people. I for one - am proof of this. Through his leadership in the Botetourt party, he has been a beacon for Constitutional principles throughout the 6th district.

Danny Goad will work to hold our elected Representatives accountable to the principles expressed in the Republican Creed. Danny Goad will encourage true conservative Republicans to compete for the nomination against RINO’S and moderate Republicans.

His opponent says she knows no liberal Republicans.

Danny Goad says we need to strongly support PRO-LIFE Legislators like Bob Marshall that sponsor Pro-Life legislation like the “Personhood” bill and find competition for all legislators who say they are pro-life but are pro-life in word only.

His opponent says referring to Republican legislators if you agree with me 80 percent of the time you are my friend and I don’t care if you’re Pro-Choice. This is in spite of the fact two Republicans defeated Bob Marshall’s personhood bill this year in sub-committee.

Danny Goad believes the grassroots can only be effective from the bottom-up not the top-down. Danny Goad takes marching orders from you the citizens and Principles of the Constitution and not the leadership of the party. Danny Goad will make the Sixth District responsive to the Grassroots.

His opponent when questioned about the intention of a politician said, “I know he will do what is best for us. He has our best interests at heart”.

Danny Goad believes the Republican Party is at its best when it is not fearful of mentioning or honoring God our Creator. God has endowed us with our fundamental rights.

Danny Goad promotes the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was adopted for two purposes: self defense and to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government.
It was not adopted by our Founding Fathers so that we could all go duck or white-tailed deer hunting. If it was adopted to preserve duck hunting, our Founding Fathers would have had an amendment proclaiming our Right to Keep and Bear a Fishing Rod.

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