Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Immigration Update

Alright so Tuesday at 11:30 the senate voted on whether to reconsider a McCain/Kennedy 2.0. It is a bill that would essentially wreck our entitlement system, criminal justice system, healthcare system, and the Republican Party and simultaneously reward 12 million criminals, without even guaranteeing to secure the border. Tuesday the bill had a 22% approval rating. It's a terrible bill, and the entire grassrotts conservative movement has been trying desperately to kill it.

So I called a ton of senators multiple times, heres a couple of experiences.

When I called Sen. Kyl's office (the third ranking GOP senator and a former supporter of stron borders) I told the staffer, "I'm calling to encourage the senator to vote no on cloture and amnesty..." (click) They cut me off mid sentence.

Sen. Ensign (the senator responsible for getting Republicans elected to the senate in '08, a man who should be friendly to Republicans nationwide) His office was disinterested when I told them I was from Virginia.

Sen. Lott (the second ranking republican in the senate) No one picked up at his office Friday afternoon and Monday and Tuesday morning (all during normal business hours) and I was directed to a voice box which was full.

Sen. Webb promised in his campaign to oppose amnesty and didn't listen to my calls.

Also the congressional switchboard and all the above mentioned senators +Sen. Warner offices were all jammed at 11:15 on Tuesday morning.

There is one more critical vote tomorrow morning. Let's get these people to listen to us and kill the bill.