Friday, March 23, 2007

A Bit more Activism

In todays culture we are constantly inundated with images that are detrimental to our soul. Sadly much of it can not be avoided, especially at check out lines. I'm sure y'all know what I mean. For a little while now, my friends and I have been working on pressuring our local Kroger grocery stores to remove the more sexually oriented magazines from the check out lines and place them in the main magazine aisle. What we recently found out is the person in Roanoke who is responsible for Consumer Affairs is also responsible for consumer affairs in the entire Mid-Atlantic Region. The Mid-Atlantic Region covers Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Kentucky. What we really need is for people in all these states to contact:

Lynda Powers
Mid-Atlantic Consumer Affairs
Phone (540) 563-3662
FAX (540) 265-3896

and let her know that you would like to see this occur. We are also working on a number of other ways to pressure Kroger, and if you would like to help in these ways, please contact our ringleader, Stephen, at

Friday, March 16, 2007

Open Fire, Let Him Have It

Senator John Warner says he believes the military should approve the acceptance of homosexuals because he doesn't consider homosexual acts
immoral. Senator Warner was responding to comments by Marine General Peter Pace's denouncing the abolition of the military's "don't ask,
don't tell" policy regarding homosexuals serving in the military.

General Pace said, "I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts. I do not
believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way.

"I would not want acceptance of overt homosexual behavior to be our policy, just like I would not want it to be our policy that if we were
to find out that so-and-so was sleeping with somebody else's wife, that we would just look the other way, which we do not. We prosecute
that kind of immoral behavior."

Military law, which Gen. Pace was defending, prohibits homosexual acts.

Senator Warner responded to General Pace's comments saying, "I respectfully, but strongly, disagree with the chairman's (Gen. Pace)
view that homosexuality is immoral." Sen. Warner is the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and is seeking to
overturn the current "don't ask, don't tell" policy instituted by former President Bill Clinton.

Members of the military cannot speak on this issue because it is political. They are depending on family and friends to speak on their

Warner's office number is (202)224-2023.

Have Fun!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Taking a Stand... Under Fire

Gen. Pace Calls Homosexuality Immoral, Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday he considers homosexuality to be immoral and the military should not condone it by allowing gay soldiers to serve openly, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Marine Gen. Peter Pace likened homosexuality to adultery, which he said was also immoral,

the newspaper reported on its Web site.

"I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way," Pace told the newspaper in a wide-ranging interview.

Pace, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., and a 1967 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, said he based his views on his upbringing.

He said he supports the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell policy" in which gay men and women are allowed in the military as long as they keep their sexual orientation private. The policy, signed into law by President Clinton in 1994, prohibits commanders from asking about a person's sexual orientation.

"I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts," Pace said.


Well, I thought that was really encouraging that someone in such a high position of leadership would speak out on the issue... Everyone seems afraid to say that nowadays.

However, now the homosexual lobby is screaming in rage to have General Pace removed

Homosexual groups are putting tremendous pressure on Congressmen and Senators and President Bush to punish General Pace.

The liberal media is strongly supporting the homosexual efforts. They have already forced him to back down a step. Also, read what the Human Rights Campaign says.

"Presently the military operates on a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. The homosexual activists want the military to approve their immoral behavior. Take a stand for our troops who cannot get involved in this political situation!"

Oh goodness.

He was just upholding military law.

Why on earth would the military want to welcome a lifestyle that is three more times as dangerous as smoking? That has a sky-high suicide tendency? That is filled with abuse from those within the lifestyle itself?

General Pace is the first person in a long time to stick his neck out... And the radical homosexual lobby is determined to make an example.

Hmmm. Maybe. But not without a fight!

They've taken it for granted that we don't care... We're too nice...

C'mon! Let's show 'em! Who's with me??

Write a letter of support to General Pace and to the Defense Secretary Robert Gates. It doesn't have to be long... Just say that you support him and that he should NOT be fired.

General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Joint Chiefs of Staff

9999 Joint Staff Pentagon

Washington, DC 20318-9999

Email Address:

(use the "Ask a Question/Make a Comment" tab)

Write a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates supporting General Pace

Public contact:

Dr. Robert M. Gates

Secretary of Defense

1000 Defense Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301-1000

Post this on your blogs... Tell your friends... Send out an email.

General Pace took a stand. Let's show the Washington Bureaucrats that he doesn't stand alone.

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