Friday, January 29, 2010

Jim Rich’s Farewell Letter

Dear Fellow 10th District Republican:

I wanted to let you know directly from me about my political plans for the future. After 20 years of service as congressional district chairman (I believe that I may be one of the longest serving district chairs in the history of the Commonwealth), I will not seek reelection to that position.

Prior to the district chairmanship I served 3 terms as Fauquier County Chairman. For over 30 years I have been a precinct chairman. Beginning in 1984 and every 4 years thereafter, I have served as a delegate or alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention and in 1988, I served on the Platform Committee. One of the most memorable times was in 1976 when I was a press aide and advance man for Governor Reagan who was making a run for the presidency. I have lost track of all of the races and candidates I have supported over the years.

It has been an honor and privilege for me to have held leadership positions in our great party. I believe that our principles of limited, Jeffersonian government, freedom and opportunity as set forth by our Founders are the best hope for America. Ever since I was old enough to read serious publications and literature, I read biographies of all of the greats: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, Churchill, Reagan, John Adams, among others. They inspired me to believe that if I could do just a small part to promote freedom and limited government, it would be a worthwhile endeavor. All of the hours on the phone banks, at the polls, going door to door, attending meetings and chicken dinners have all been worth it. Additionally I have had the opportunity to work with many great people who love their country. It has been a very special opportunity to work closely with one of the most dedicated, principled and honorable Member of Congress—Frank Wolf.

This is a great time to be a Republican. We have reason to be proud of the big victories in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The American people are rediscovering concepts of federalism, limited government, the importance of our free enterprise system and sensible frugal spending policies. We have many hard working volunteers in the 10th District and we have played our part in these recent victories. The 10th District provided landslide victories for Bob McDonnell and the statewide ticket with many of our units at the top of statewide lists for highest McDonnell percentage, winning margin and Republican shift. Statewide, we increased our margin in the House of Delegates by 6 seats. 3 or half of those winning seats came from the 10th District with the election of Tag Greason, Jim LeMunyon and Barbara Comstock. The 10th District pumped thousands of dollars into key 2009 races. 10th District Loudoun County GOP Chair Glen Caroline was named outstanding unit chair in the Commonwealth and Fairfax County was named the best unit statewide. Our units are well organized and headed by effective and hardworking chairs.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported in a January 19 article written by Gerald F. Seib that Wall Street Journal/NBC polls clearly show America is a conservative or center right country: 34% are conservative, 38% are center and only 21% label themselves as liberal. In Virginia about 30% of the people are Republicans, 30% Democrats and 30% Independents. When we nominate conservatives like Ronald Reagan, Bob McDonnell and Frank Wolf who can communicate our philosophy along with concern for kitchen table quality of life issues such as jobs, education, transportation, we win big. As we stay true to our core principles, we must work with center right Independents. The latter don't vote for party label. They look beyond the label to look at the contents. Wasting time with circular firing squads trying to force an artificial 100% unanimity within our base will lead to certain defeat at the polls. Remember President Reagan's 80/20 rule. Let us understand that our role as party officials is to elect candidates to office. Only they can cast the votes necessary to ensure freedom and opportunity. Let's reach out to Independents with the confidence that our message of freedom and opportunity will be well received if articulated well. The politics of addition will lead us to retake the Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to serve and for all of the hard work that so many have given freely. A chairman is nothing without wonderful allies and volunteers who care about America and our Commonwealth.

I am optimistic about our future and will continue working for our great cause of liberty. My optimism for the future of the 10th District is also founded on the knowledge that we have a very well qualified, thoughtful conservative ready and willing to lead in the 10th District and the Commonwealth—Dave Schmidt. I strongly endorse Dave as the next 10th District chair. He is a limited government Jeffersonian, a successful businessman, a hardworking Republican who has put in years of service for our cause including strong support for 10th District activities and events. He knows how elections are won as he himself has won a seat on the Leesburg Council. Dave has always supported Congressman Wolf and Republican stalwarts like Ronald Reagan and Bob McDonnell. Most important, he is a man of character. Please give Dave your favorable consideration. See you on the campaign trail.

Best wishes.

Jim Rich

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts on the State of the Union Address

President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address tonight in front of Congress and millions of Americans. His points delivered are outlined below, along with my thoughts and analysis of them -

  • After his introduction and rather long winded talk about feeling American's pain through the letters he "reads every night", he jumped in to job creation. He began by mentioning that he has saved 2 million jobs over the last year, but then skipped right to his goal for this upcoming year - what he called a "Job Creations Bill". This bill would consist of tax incentives and cuts for small businesses, which is all fine and good (and got the right side of the room clapping), BUT it would also include taking $30 BILLION from big banks, and transferring it to community banks. Can we just say - Robin Hood?

  • To the analysts great surprise, President Obama next talked about an issue that has seemed relatively dead for the past 6 months - climate change. This was lumped in with another surprise - offshore drilling! The President urged Congress to pass a "Comprehensive Energy and Climate Bill" - the title itself sounds a bit fishy. However, in the GOP Response, Bob McDonnell expressed his delight at bi-partisan solutions that this new energy bill will support.

  • Third on the list of new bills to write up is the "National Export Initiative", which would ensure that U.S. exports double over the next 5 years. He expressed his concern at the fact that the United States is becoming "second place" in the world's trade markets and assured that he would not settle for second best.

  • Education was next up and this was something that everyone was expecting him to hit hard on. He proposed, yes another bill - a bill that would "revitalize community colleges" and give $10,000 credits to American families for 4 years of college. He also said that debt accumulated while in college would be "forgiven" after 20 years, and 10 if you choose a career in public service. Can I just ask, where are we getting all these handouts?

  • What used to be President Obama's hottest topic, was not mentioned until nearly his 5th bullet point - Health Insurance (yes he changed the name) Reform. His plea to Congress was simple: "Don't walk away. We are so close." After spending a few minutes bragging on the Congressional Budget Office's predictions of this reform saving us $1 trillion (over the next 20 years [that's a long time]) he moved on.

  • Next up was a bashing session, although the proper title should be Deficit, which explains the bashing. Again it was all blamed on the past administration - "we took office amid a depression" he said. His plan to save us? A government freeze, effective in 2011, that would last for 3 years. He called on Congress to create a "Fiscal Commission", saying that he "refuses to pass this problem on to another generation of Americans." He also mentioned that he was here to "do our government openly... that's what I came to Washington to do." Um, what happened to those health care talks being broadcast on C-SPAN again?

  • Here in the middle he merely commented on numerous issues including Lobbyists, Earmark Reform, and Partisanship (where he instructed the Democrats not to "run to the hills" because, you know what?, we have the largest majority we've had in decades, so let's take advantage of that! And to the Republicans, Leadership does not mean blocking every bill that tries to get through. Thanks.)

  • The last portion of his speech focused on foreign relations. In respect to National Security, he emphasised that he will do whatever it takes to defend our nation. Then went on to say that all the troops will be out of Iraq by August. "This war is ending," he said, "and our troops are coming home." Really? Terrorism has been defeated?

  • Nuclear Weapons. He likened himself to Ronald Reagan here, saying that they both wanted a world free of them. Hate to tell him, but that is unrealistic considering the world we live in. The President then made a promise - now mark this - PROMISE: IRAN WILL FACE GROWING CONSEQUENCES. Let's hold him to his word.

  • He touched on human rights, and then announced that he was actively working to repeal the law that prohibits gays and lesbians to serve in the military. Gag.

Few side notes:

- He was interrupted 86 times at first count.

- I think it was completely inappropriate for him to have bashed the Supreme Court's ruling overturning McCain/Feingold - inducing the standing applause of the entire left side while all the judges could do was sit there and stare. This was an intimidation of another branch of government that was absolutely improper.

- The tone of the whole speech was very strained.

- See the full transcript HERE.

UPDATE: Obama used the words I, I'll, or I'm 152 times during the speech.

UPDATE 2: "Gaff" of the night? Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito mouthed the words "Simply not true" during the President's bashing of the Supreme Court ruling discussed above. I'm glad they were as disgusted as I was.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

James O'Keefe's Arrest Brings Up Ethical Issues

James O'Keefe, well-known for his ACORN bust last year, was arrested today outside of Sen. Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) office - dressed as an employee of a phone company. It appears his intent was to bug Sen. Landrieu's (yes, the lady who was bribed $300 million in Medicaid benefits for her vote on healthcare) phone lines.

The question that has been raised as this story unfolded today was asked by many Americans who were glad that ACORN was exposed, glad that James had the guts to do what he did, and glad that he was successful.

However, regardless of his perceived heroism, the question is - Is it honorable to expose potential corruption if you must take illegal measures in doing so? IS it?

UPDATE: Find an update to this developing story HERE.

The Power of Ken Cuccinelli's Endorsement

This week we saw the power of Ken Cuccinelli's endorsement. Late Sunday night the news was released that he had endorsed Howie Lind for 10th District Chairman. It only took till the middle of the next day for long time 10th District Chairman, Jim Rich, to drop out of the race.

For thoe of you who will argue there is no correlation between the two announcements, are you also willing to say there is no correlation between Scott Brown's victory and the recent Democrat recruitment difficulties nationwide?

Virginia's Crisis Pregnancy Center's Are Under Attack

A friend recently forwarded this e-mail to me.

Blue Ridge Women's Center rarely mentions political matters, but two bills currently under consideration in Virginia would directly impact our Center, and we'd appreciate your help.

Last week the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation announced that, after a year-long undercover investigation into pregnancy centers like ours throughout the commonwealth, legislation is being proposed to further regulate our work (see this report from the Family Foundation: Would you help keep Virginia centers free from the burdensome regulations of SB 188 and HB 452? Contact your legislators ( ) and recommend that they vote against these two bills. And please do so quickly—we just found out that the subcommittee hearing is scheduled for this afternoon.

We are, as always, grateful for your support, your prayers, and your concern for the women and children of our community. Below you'll find our press release responding to the NPCVF report.

Blue Ridge Women's Center today responded to charges by the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation that the majority of crisis pregnancy centers in Virginia provide "medically inaccurate information" and therefore represent "a threat to public health" rather than benefiting women who face unplanned pregnancy.

Blue Ridge Women's Center issued the following statement in responseto last week's NPCVF report:

"Women who face unplanned pregnancy need reliable information, practical resources, and emotional support. Blue Ridge Women's Center, which has been a trusted part of the local community service networkfor over 25 years, understands this and stands behind its services to the women of the Roanoke Valley.

"Numerous other local organizations—including physicians, hospitals, clinics, social-service providers, schools, and churches—refer clients to Blue Ridge Women's Center, depending on us to provide them with free pregnancy testing and pregnancy verification, parenting and life skills classes, maternity clothes and baby items. Our peer counseling services have helped thousands of women to navigate the challenges of unplanned pregnancy. We value the trust placed in us by our communityand are committed to providing quality care in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment.

"While the NPCVF report cited no specific examples of 'medicalfalsehoods' perpetuated by Blue Ridge Women's Center nor quotes purported to have come from our Center, our name is included on the list of pregnancy centers that they allegedly investigated, and they indicate that they contacted us by phone on four occasions. Due to the undercover nature of NPCVF's actions, we cannot confirm that such telephone contact took place.

"Blue Ridge Women's Center has medical professionals on its paid and volunteer staff, including a Medical Director who is a practicing, board-certified OB/GYN. We conduct regular reviews of our literature and medical services to ensure that any information distributed to our clients is consistent with current research findings and accepted medical protocol.

"In addition to this, Blue Ridge Women's Center and many of the other pregnancy centers in Virginia voluntarily comply with a set of industry standards upholding accuracy and excellence in client care and communications. As an affiliate of CareNet, NIFLA, and Heartbeat International, Blue Ridge Women's Center annually reaffirms a written 'Commitment of Care and Competence,' and requires its client-services staff and volunteers to participate in continuing education to keep their knowledge and skills current. NPCVF has provided no evidence that our Center has either violated this 'Commitment of Care and Competence' or supplied misinformation to our clients.

"Blue Ridge Women's Center provides free support services to hundreds of women annually, and has served more than 14,000 women and families since 1984. We encourage anyone concerned about the quality of our work to consider the testimony of our clients, who indicate a high level of satisfaction with the Center on their exit interviews.

"'I would recommend friends, family, or acquaintances who have unplanned pregnancy to come here for support,' one of our clients writes, and she's not alone in that recommendation. Last year over half of our clients came to us through referrals from family members or friends.

"With the continuing support of its donors and volunteers, Blue Ridge Women's Center remains committed to providing quality care to the women of our community regardless of their age, race, religion, income level, or circumstances.

"Regarding the funds from the Choose Life license plate campaign to which the NPCVF report refers, Blue Ridge Women's Center does not receive any financial support from the federal or commonwealth government, and has neither requested nor received any funds from the sale of Choose Life license plates.

Many thanks,

Rev. Phil Holsinger (Coach), President/CEO

Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking! Jim Rich Drops Out of 10th District Chairmanship Election

Too Conservative broke the story first, letting everyone know that Jim Rich, who has been chairman of the 10th District GOP for 20 years, will not be running for reelection, due to family matters.

That just leaves David Schmidt and Howie Lind as contenders for the seat, which will be voted on at the 10th District Convention in May.

Will keep you posted!

Ken Cuccinelli Endorses Howie Lind for 10th District Chair

Yesterday our new Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli made news by endorsing Howie Lind for 10th District Chair. Once again Black Velvet broke the story first with an excellent story and the full press release. Ken is a long time activist in the 10th District. He has served as a state senator since 2002 and understands the kind of support our elected officials in all levels of government need to succeed. He consistently won in Northern Virginia when people said he would lose. He won the nomination on one ballot when many were predicting it would take two, and won the general election overwhelmingly when people were saying he was too extreme to win state wide. Ken Cuccinelli understands what it takes to win elections. We need new blood in the 10th District Chairmanship that is willing to work with and listen to everyone, and help elect people at all levels of government within the 10th District.

Ken Cuccinelli believes Howie Lind will make an excellent 10th District Chairman. I hope others across the district will follow Ken's lead in supporting Howie Lind.

If you want to join the team contact Howie Lind and ask how you can help.

Howie Lind for Chairman, PO Box 92, McLean, VA 22101

Sunday, January 24, 2010

America Rising

An open letter to Barack Obama and the Democrats challenging them to listen to the American people, or lose big in 2010.

C'mon America. Let's show them what we've got.

Could GOP Division Keep VA-5 Blue?

The 5th Congressional district in Virginia has definitely been a spectacle in recent election cycles. In 2008, Virgil Goode (R) lost to Tom Perriello (D) by 745 votes - and that was after Goode demanded a recount. Well, this November, the 5th district will claim the spotlight again and the entire state will watch to see which color bleeds over the south.

The Washington Post made a very accurate assessment of this district when saying that the GOP's division throughout the district could very well be it's demise. If we can't unite on a candidate, will the votes be split too many ways, therefore letting the Dem. win?

Here we get into the stickiness of third party voting, and whether it messes elections up - and whether it is ethical enough to take that risk. I personally believe you should vote for what has been called "the lesser of two evils" (but I call it voting for the person who has conservative morals AND enough votes to win), but I know many who would disagree.

Currently in the 5th district, we have 7 GOP contestors -

Educator and Republican Activist Feda Morton, private real estate investor Laurence Verga, Albemarle County Supervisor Ken Boyd, state Senator Robert Hurt, businessman Ron Ferrin, and Michael McPadden. Assembly line worker Bradley Rees, who had originally filed to run on the Republican ticket said he will run on the Conservative Party ticket instead.

There is speculation that Virgil Goode will announce candidacy, however it has not occurred yet.

The division appears in the form of state Senator Robert Hurt, who is a Republican moderate, being endorsed by the GOP because of his appeal to independents. Conservatives, however, are leery about Hurt because of his record of voting for tax increases. If Hurt wins the nomination, Conservatives are threatening a 3rd Party candidate - which might split the votes and allow Perriello to win... again. Do you follow my logic?

For now at least, according to Virginia 5th Watchdog (posted on bearingdrift), Michael McPadden seems to be the Tea Party movement's favorite, but we'll see as the primary draws nearer which candidate is able to pull themselves out of the pack and into the front runners.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What Is On The Line In The 41st

Reposted from Mason Conservative because some things just need to be read.

I'm hearing that the state party is going to stay out of Kerry Bolognese's race to flip Dave Marsden's delegate seat, thinking that they already have a big enough majority. I couldn't be more unhappy about that if it true, Bolognese ran a true grassroots, shoe-leather campaign last fall and deserves to finish what he started, and he deserves to have the full support of the entire apparatus of the party. The county committee is firmly supporting Kerry.

What Bolognese needs is money and he needs people. There is more going on here than just a special elections, it effects the remarkable turnaround of Republican fortunes in Northern Virginia, and the upcoming 11th district congressional race that might be the last time we get a chance to take down Gerry Connolly. Losing the Cuccinelli seante seat and the possibly losing the 41st delegate district stifles the momentum we gained by our wins in three delegate districts and the incredible numbers racked up by our statewides.

Also, make no mistake about it, Gerry Connolly is involved in these races and he's working on building Democratic momentum going into his reelection and embarrassing Republicans, particularly Pat Herrity who has many overlapping areas of the 41st, as an attempt to depress Republican activism. I can't say that it will work, given the victories here in Virginia and New Jersey and Massachusetts, Republicans are about as fired up as I've ever seen. But if Bolognese can check the Democrats and flip a delegate seat he almost won by less that 200 votes just a few months ago, I truly believe it will help either Pat Herrity or Keith Fimian in defeating Connolly. We need to prove we can win on his turf, and a Bolognese win would be a body blow to Connolly's reelection and proof that Republicans do have the ground game and the message to win.

GO KERRY! I encourage everyone to go give money, and then maybe some time when you have it. We have to win this!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are His Days Numbered?

Is today the day that Arlen Specter sealed his fate? Or, the true question should be, will the women of America stand up to make sure his fate is sealed...?

Arlen Specter's demeaning statements here made Michelle Bachamann feel "patronized" and "like a little girl". Was he flaunting his ability to be able to speak because of his sex? Does he realize that we now live in a world of equal opportunity and liberty for ALL? It sure doesn't seem like it.

If you want to defeat Arlen Specter then help Pat Toomey defeat him in 2010.

First Campaign Promise - Fulfilled

... and not costing us much either!!

One of Governor Bob McDonnell's early campaign pledges was to reopen the closed Interstate rest stops and he has now taken the necessary steps to do so. The Commonwealth Transportation Board unanimously voted yesterday to reopen all 19 stops by April 15th.

Democrat Tim Kaine closed the rest stops last year to cut $9 million from the state budget, but Governor McDonnell is ensuring that we make this a fiscally responsible addition to our highways. The state transferred $3 million from other areas and is talking about using inmates to do maintenance work in and around the rest stops.

President Obama should take some lessons from Gov. McDonnell about keeping campaign promises.

Sen. Webb Steps Up

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts this week has sparked a new light in the Republican party. However, on the other side of the isle, we see the Democrats wiggling in their seats, debating the outcome of the 2010 elections and beyond.

Some Dems, however, are hearing the rally cry coming from the American people. Virginia Senator Jim Webb has been the first to acknowledge that Obamacare should slow down until they have an adequate representation of the people (i.e. until Brown is seated).

Calling the election a referendum on the "openness and integrity of our government process," Webb wrote in a statement: "It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated."

In short, he is scared.

But at least he is listening, and let’s hope that many more Dems follow in his footsteps.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown for U.S. Senate

A month ago noone would have predicted this, but now almost everyone is saying that Scott Brown, a Republican will probably win today's special election for Massachusetts Senate seat. All the recent polls have him leading significantly, and many people are describing Martha Coakley's campaign as being in freefall. It was a campaign filled with gaffs and mistakes by Coakley in the final weeks, and increasing support for Brown from conservative activists around the nation. Hopefully when all the votes are counted Brown will be the winner, and Obama's healthcare plan will be dealt a major blow as Senate Democrats lose their 60 vote majority.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Greg Habeeb for 6th District GOP Committee Chairman, Bill Stanley for 5th District GOP Committee Chairman

As some of you may have heard Salem GOP Committee Chairman Greg Habeeb has announced his candidacy for Chairman of the 6th District GOP Committee and Franklin County GOP Chairman Bill Stanley has announced his candidacy for Chairman of the 5th District GOP Committee. Both Bill and Greg have been hands down two of the best, if not the two best, unit chairs in the Republican Party of Virginia over the past few years and both were named "Unit Chairman of the Year" by their respective congressional district committees.

Many of you know Bill Stanley from his unsuccessful bid for RPV Chair last May as well as his work as Chairman of the Franklin County GOP Committee.  As a local unit chair Bill has without a doubt distinguished himself and his committee as one of the best in the state and was named "Unit Chair of the Year" for the 5th District two years running. In Franklin Country, under the leadership of Bill Stanley, the GOP Committee has seen their fundraising and membership increase greatly. I worked on Bill's campaign for RPV Chairman and I can think of no better person to lead the 5th District GOP or RPV for that matter. Youth is something the RPV and GOP as a whole needs desperately. Like Greg, Bill will bring much needed youth to the leadership of the 5th District Committee. Additionally, there is much tension between Republicans in the 5th District at the moment as you may well be very familiar with via the massive amount of news media and blog coverage. The Republicans in the 5th District need an experienced leader with enthusiasm as well as new and innovative ideas who can bring the party back together to work for our common goals. That experienced leader is Bill Stanley. I encourage any and all 5th District Republicans to support Bill Stanley to be the new 5th District GOP Committee Chairman.

Bill's website from his run for RPV Chairman is still up and you can click here to access it. While I have not confirmed this, I will be willing to bet that Bill will use many of the same ideas from his run for RPV Chair that you find on the above website if he is elected 5th District Chair.

Greg has done an outstanding job as Salem committee chair and was recognized as "Unit Chairman of the Year" for the entire Republican Party of Virginia in 2008.  I fully endorse his candidacy and encourage any other Republicans in the 6th District to attend the 6th District convention and support Greg. He will bring new ideas, enthusiasm, and much needed youth to the 6th District Committee and State Central. I would also like to add that if it wasn't for the enthusiasm and welcoming attitude of people like Greg I would have been reluctant to get involved with the local GOP in Roanoke during my breaks.

Here is Greg's email to 6th District Republicans:

Fellow 6th District Republicans

It was great to see so many of you in Richmond this weekend for the Inauguration of Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli. We face tough times as a Commonwealth and as a Nation but there is no question that we are now led by the best possible team in Richmond. I wish I could say the same thing for Washington. At least we have a great Congressman, Bob Goodlatte, doing his best to fight back the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

While this is a great time to be a Republican in Virginia, we must admit that for years our Republican elected officials have grown detached from their constituents and moved away from the fundamental principles on which this Party was formed. We lost our identity, we diluted our brand and we've paid for it electorally. The desire to restore our party to its core principles and rebuild our brand was the driving force behind my deciding to run for Salem Republican Committee Chair a few years back. Over the last 2 years, we have made great strides in Salem. Our Committee has grown exponentially in numbers without sacrificing our principles. We have put an infrastructure in place that has local Democrats panicked and scrambling to catch up. We have raised our profile through traditional and new media. We have raised money and supported our candidates while still holding them accountable. Simply put, we have made our Committee relevant.

Believe me, these efforts by so many on the ground have not gone unnoticed. There is a new buzz about the Republican Party in Salem. We have won elections with record numbers. Elected officials are now reaching out for our support and recognizing the need to stay in touch with those of us in the grassroots. Ultimately, we were humbled to be named the 2008 Unit Chairman of the Year for the entire Commonwealth and the 2009 Unit Chairman of the Year for the 6th District. I say "we" because those awards are a reflection of the work done by dozens and dozens of people.

As I pondered what was next, many of you have approached me about running for Chair in the 6th District. I must admit, this was not initially on my radar screen but, the more I thought about it, the more I believed that we could bring a new energy, purpose and focus to the Committee. We could provide the type of leadership necessary to restore unity where it is lacking in the 6th and build on our already solid infrastructure. Over the last few weeks I have spoken to numerous grassroots and elected leaders in the 6th and I have been humbled by the positive response I have received.

It is for all of these reasons that I am announcing my candidacy for the Chair of the 6th District Republican Committee to be elected at our Convention on May 22nd in Lynchburg.

Over the next few weeks I hope to speak to all of you to let you know some of my ideas and to get feedback from each of you. Until then, know that my goal in running for this position is not power, control or personal gain. I am doing this to support you, the grassroots leaders in the 6th District, and to continue to make the 6th District the strongest Republican District in the State.

Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Cross posted @ Roanoke On The Right

Howie Lind is Running for 10th District Chairman

Earlier I mentioned an upcoming announcement coming out of Fairfax Co. Howie Lind state central member from the 10th District will be challenging Jim Rich for the 10th District Chairmanship at the 10th District convention. Black Velvet has all the details, and announced it first. I and many other activists from across the state are happy to see a strong challenge to chairman Rich. He has made a reputation as a chairman who is concerned with holding personal power than advancing the party, and trying to take down anyone who disagrees with him. If you believe in free and open government I hope you will join Howie Lind in his bid for 10th District Chairman at the May 22nd convention.

(True to form, I am hearing Jim Rich and his friends on the Loudoun County Republican Committee executive board Glen Caroline, Candace Strother, and others are working to set the filing deadline for Loudoun delegates for February 20th which would people from getting involved in the process as opposed to having it at the regular LCRC mass meeting in March.)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcoming our New Governor!

There’s something special about seeing the person you helped get elected, become inaugurated. I was fortunate enough, along with some friends, to be able to have this experience. After working as volunteers during the morning, we all trekked over to the staff entrance, flashed our passes, then watched as Governor-elect Bob McDonnell was sworn into the highest office in the state of Virginia. The air was buzzing with energy and excitement as 4,000+ people packed into the bleachers and surrounding areas. The 19-gun salute by Howitzers, placed at the south end of Capitol Square, sounded after the oath of office was taken and F22 Raptor jets soared over head to announce the beginning of a new Virginia.

The start of his acceptance speech pointed out the fact that, yes, he had kept his first campaign promise - "I said it would be sunny and warm in Richmond on Inauguration Day!" Indeed it was.

His speech highlighted many of the issues that he ran his campaign on - job creation, opportunity, education, transportation, and community service. However, it did not dwell on the past. Governor McDonnell focused on the future of Virginia -

“Where opportunity is absent, we must create it. Where opportunity is limited, we must expand it. Where opportunity is unequal, we must make it open to everyone... I’ve had people tell me they fear that America may no longer be the land of opportunity it has always been and that Virginia’s history in playing a leading role in the life of our nation may be just that — history,” he declared. “They are wrong.”

He acknowledged the tough tasks that his administration has ahead of them, thanked the Kaine administration for their service, then turned to the thousands of Americans facing him and charged them saying -

"It is right to help one another. It is right to work together to get results and solve problems. It is right to provide opportunities for all. Let us heed the words of the Father of our Country, employ these eternal rules of order and right, and get to work for the good of the people of Virginia. Thank you and God Bless the Commonwealth of Virginia."

You can see the transcript of his acceptance speech

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Imminent Political Announcement Coming from Fairfax Co.

Much of the recent talk has been about Pat Herrity's decision to challenge Keith Fimian for the nomination in the 11th district. (This has been rumored and discussed to varying degrees since at least Thanksgiving.)

Sources are telling me there is another big political announcement coming out of Fairfax Co. in the next few days. It will probably be public by Wednesday. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Should Conservatives Support Robert Hurt for Congress?

The dynamic in the race for the Republican nomination in the 5th District seems to be anybody but Hurt. His votes for the Warner tax increases, as well as the Northern Virginia Trasnsportation Authority are making many people raise their eyebrows (to say the least).

Robert Hurt is addressing this issue by saying it is a vote he regrets. His campaign manager, Chris LaCivita, argues that Sen. Hurt was misled, and if he knew there was really a surplus he wouldn't have voted for it. He is also arguing that people are just cherrypicking a couple votes out of over 5,000 votes Se. Hurt cast. Sen. Hurt has also signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to not raise taxes that is sponsored by Grover Norquist.

To say that harking back to this vote is cherrypicking is to ignore the political situation surrounding the Warner tax increase vote. This was one of the bigget votes in the state senate in years. Activists, and the RPV chair Kate Obenshain were calling on the state senate to not pass the tax increases. A western style wanted posters were created with the faces of all the Republican state senators who voted for the tax increases, and an effort was made to primary many of those state senators in the 2007 election cycle. Some would also consider the vote a significant reason the Republicans lost the state senate in 2007.

To brush off a vote like this by saying you regret it and wouldn't have done it if you had all the information is like saying you wouldn't have voted for the first bailout if you had all the information. That is not the kind of person we want. We want someone who will get it right when it comes time to vote.

It is almost as inspiring as supporting someone for president who supported the Gang of 14 while in the U.S. Senate, and we all saw how well that worked out.

That said for Lawrence Verga and others to compare what is going on in the 5th district to NY-23 inaccurately represents both what happened in New York, and what is going on in Virginia. In New York the Republican leaders chose someone who was more liberal than the Democrat, and was endorsed by the SEIU and ACORN. In Virginia we have someone who has a long record of service in the state legislature, and besides those two very important votes it is a very good record. He is socially conservative, and he is pro gun. These things could not be said about the Republican nominee in NY-23.

Robert Hurt is someone who will very understandably have a difficult time energizing and inspiring the grassroots. Is he someone I would support in a primary? No. While he will not be a conservative leader in Congress, he will be much better than Tom Periello, and will do a good job, and therfore we can and must support him as conservatives if he wins the nomination. If our goal truly is to advance conservative values, then if we fail to defeat him in the primary, we must back Sen. Hurt in the general election, and make sure he wins. To support a third party in the 5th district guarantees we will lose the race, and hurts the conservative cause.

Marshall Fights Obama Care Insurance Mandates

Congress has NEVER, in 220 years, mandated that individuals purchase any private service or good, until now.

Both the House and Senate health insurance “reform” bills approved by Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner threaten our families with jail time and fines up to $25,000 if we do not purchase health insurance that Obama Health Czars think is good for us whether we want it or not.

For example, both Mark Warner and Jim Webb voted to coerce you into paying for elective abortions. Penalties, including jail for a year if you refuse to pay, start for a single month without health coverage.

“Health care reform” bills which Congress’ own staff call novel, unprecedented, and of suspicious constitutional foundation are not solutions to problems.

Rather, the bills threaten our liberties and economic welfare because they steal the primary responsibility for economic welfare from families and adult individuals and turn it over to Washington politicians and their bureaucracies.

Something is very wrong with this. We all know it. And we can stop it.

My HB 10 is a direct challenge to Obama Care mandates and affirms that no person, church, business or other entity can be punished for failure to purchase a particular plan of health insurance. The purpose of HB 10 is to empower the state of Virginia and Virginia citizens to challenge the health insurance mandate provisions of the federal insurance bills.

HB 10 (see Q and A below) will get around the ideological road blocks from out of touch Congressmen and Senators because states and grass roots citizens still are the foundation of our Constitutional balance of power.

HB 10 has received support from conservatives, Republican activists, Right to Lifers, Tea Party members, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and small businessmen.

Please contact your Virginia legislators (delegates and especially state senators) and urge them to co-patron HB 10.

Please let your friends know about the hope offered by HB 10. Anyone who needs to find their representative in the Virginia House of Delegates and/or the Virginia state Senate should go to:

Delegate Bob Marshall,
13th district, Virginia House of Delegates, elected 1991 to present;
Contact: cell 703-853-4213,

P.S. I prepared a PDF Q & A download on State Authority to challenge Obama Care mandates at my website at