Friday, January 22, 2010

What Is On The Line In The 41st

Reposted from Mason Conservative because some things just need to be read.

I'm hearing that the state party is going to stay out of Kerry Bolognese's race to flip Dave Marsden's delegate seat, thinking that they already have a big enough majority. I couldn't be more unhappy about that if it true, Bolognese ran a true grassroots, shoe-leather campaign last fall and deserves to finish what he started, and he deserves to have the full support of the entire apparatus of the party. The county committee is firmly supporting Kerry.

What Bolognese needs is money and he needs people. There is more going on here than just a special elections, it effects the remarkable turnaround of Republican fortunes in Northern Virginia, and the upcoming 11th district congressional race that might be the last time we get a chance to take down Gerry Connolly. Losing the Cuccinelli seante seat and the possibly losing the 41st delegate district stifles the momentum we gained by our wins in three delegate districts and the incredible numbers racked up by our statewides.

Also, make no mistake about it, Gerry Connolly is involved in these races and he's working on building Democratic momentum going into his reelection and embarrassing Republicans, particularly Pat Herrity who has many overlapping areas of the 41st, as an attempt to depress Republican activism. I can't say that it will work, given the victories here in Virginia and New Jersey and Massachusetts, Republicans are about as fired up as I've ever seen. But if Bolognese can check the Democrats and flip a delegate seat he almost won by less that 200 votes just a few months ago, I truly believe it will help either Pat Herrity or Keith Fimian in defeating Connolly. We need to prove we can win on his turf, and a Bolognese win would be a body blow to Connolly's reelection and proof that Republicans do have the ground game and the message to win.

GO KERRY! I encourage everyone to go give money, and then maybe some time when you have it. We have to win this!

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