Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jeff Frederick is Running for State Senate

The following e-mail was sent out by Jeff late this afternoon.

Willie --

I'm happy to report to you, after a lot of thought, discussion, and prayer, we've decided to run for the Senate of Virginia.

But, I'm not in it for the money ($18k a year), the title, the digs, some degree of perceived power, or people making me feel important. I am running to serve the people of eastern Prince William, Fairfax, and Stafford and to change politics as usual in Richmond. There's too much polarization; too much partisanship; and not enough principled people going down there who are focused on the people that they represent -- working hard day in and day out to make our communities, commonwealth and country a better place to live, work, and raise a family. We need leaders in Richmond who aren't afraid to shake up and stand up to the status quo and keep people of any political party accountable.

Citizens of the 36th Senate District aren't unlike most folks. They work hard. They pay their taxes. They strive to build a better future for themselves and their families. Whether it is someone who was born and raised in Virginia like me or someone who came from a foreign land to seek the American dream and integrate as a naturalized citizen, like my Colombian mother -- and everyone in between -- our best days are still ahead.

Yet, the career politicians in Richmond have made a mess of our economy and have put future generations at risk. Sure, they talk about creating jobs, but in reality they vote time and time again for job-killing tax hikes, new regulations, and more wasteful government programs.

I've opposed all attempts to grow government and tax you more, and I will continue to do so. You know better how to spend your money than government does. My record is clear and needs no election-year makeover. I never forget who I work for and always keep my promises. You might not always agree with me 100% of the time, but you'll always know where I stand and I'll always welcome your thoughts and ideas.

I hope you'll join our commonsense, pro-people -- not politics -- campaign to create jobs, grow our economy, improve transportation and infrastructure, and protect our special quality of life.

And, we need your help. Click here to donate to our campaign or get involved.

This is going to be a tough race in a district that was clearly gerrymandered for someone of the opposite political party. I've got a track record of winning in these tough districts and appealing to people of all political stripes, but this one could be the most difficult one yet. Notwithstanding, the numbers tell us it is winnable, especially given that 37% of the district is my old House district. Some of the toughest precincts in this new Senate district are precincts I consistently won in my prior House races against difficult opposition.

However, our past success could not have been possible without the efforts of so many -- volunteering, contributing, and praying for us.

Please consider making a financial contribution now, and signing up to volunteer with our campaign. With your help, I know we'll have a big victory this November. God willing, we'll win this election and change politics as usual in Virginia.

Amy and I are incredibly grateful for all you've done in the past, and we're counting on you now more than ever.

Thanks again. More updates to come soon.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Tripp Godsey running against John Edwards

As long as I lived in Roanoke, John Edwards was my state senator. He sits on the Health and Education Committee, and would vote down all the pro-life and homeschool friendly legislation I was tracking. He was one of the more liberal members of the state senate. Sadly Republicans weren't able to field a candidate against him in 2007, and he was elected unchallenged.

Thankfully the Roanoke Tea Party found a candidate to run against John Edwards. Tripp Godsey an insurance agent from SW Roanoke has risen to the challenge. The Roanoke Times reports that,
Godsey, 47, described himself as "polar opposites" with Edwards, D-Roanoke. Godsey said he's noticed discontent with Edwards in the business community.

"It was time to step up," Godsey said.

Godsey is a Farmers Insurance agent who specializes in restaurants and hotels. He sits on the board of the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association. He's married with three children.

Whether he can win or not remains to be seen, but it is important that John Edwards not run unopposed again. Godsey claims to be pro-life, and is at least willing to run against John Edwards. We need to hold every single Democrat in the Senate accountable this election cycle.

Especially if you live in the district check out his website and support him on facebook. Hopefully Tripp is a strong aggressive and conservative candidate. He should at least be supported to hold John Edwards accountable.

Jo-Ann Chase for Delegate VA-87

With redistricting, two new House of Delegates seats were formed in Loudoun Co. One of these One of these, the 87th, takes up much of eastern Loudoun and centers around Dulles airport. Most of this district used to be represented by Del. Bob Marshall.

A good friend and long time conservative activist has stepped up to run for this seat, Jo-Ann Chase. Now more than ever we need people of conviction who will fight for their beliefs. Jo-Ann is undoubtedly such a person. She has a passion for protecting the unborn, and protecting the freedoms we are losing as a nation. Jo-Ann will tell you exactly what she believes and will not change. With Jo-Ann what you see is what you get. Del. Bob Marshall has worked closely with Jo-Ann. He recognizes that she is the same kind of fighter that he is, and is excited to have her in the House of Delegates to work with him.

If you want a representative of conviction who will hold the party leadership accountable, vote for Jo-Ann. If you think now is a time to fight back hard against the wave of change in this nation, then J0-Ann is your person. Jo-Ann has worked hard within the party and her community, and it is time to send her to Richmond.

Go to her website and join her on facebook and do whatever you can to help Jo-Ann.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rapture Helps Romney and Obama

First of all it is sad to see that people are still taking Harold Camping seriously after he failed miserably in predicting the return of Christ, something that can not be predicted. However if his new prediction is right, PPP has found what candidates it would help. In their national poll of the presidential field, Public Policy Polling found some interesting data. (Read enjoy, and laugh.)

One game changer that could help Romney and Pawlenty's prospects for the nomination? The Rapture. 18% of GOP primary voters believe it will occur in their lifetimes and 31% of them support Palin to 15% for Romney, 11% for Cain and Gingrich, and 10% for Pawlenty. Let's say that Harold Camping's revised projection of October for the event comes true and that all the Republicans who think it's coming go up. With those voters taken out of the equation Romney leads with 16% while Pawlenty moves into second at 14%, and Palin and Cain tie for 3rd at 13% each.

Although only 18% of Republican voters think the Rapture will occur in their lifetimes, a whooping 72% of them think they would be taken up in the event that it did occur. If Romney was still here after that his nomination prospects would really be enhanced- with the 28% of GOP voters who either think they would not go up or are unsure Romney gets 23% to 13% for Pawlenty, 11% for Paul and Cain, and 10% for Palin and Bachmann.

It would be a Pyrrhic victory for him though because as our general election numbers showed Barack Obama would be pretty much unstoppable for reelection if everyone who thought they were going in the Rapture was right about it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pawlenty the Strongest Candidate to Defeat Romney Head on

Public Policy Polling took their first Iowa poll since Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump announced they would not be running for president. While it is very early for polling to mean a lot, one thing they found was that Pawlenty appears to be the strongest candidate in a head to head match up with Romney.

There's been a lot of speculation that the Republican race could eventually come down to Romney and a single more conservative alternative. Although this will likely not be the case when the voting in Iowa happens we tested several head to head match ups between Romney and other GOP contenders to see how they would come out. Pawlenty may actually be the strongest contender to become the 'anti-Romney' as he ties him at 41%. Otherwise Romney leads- 48-41 over Palin, 46-38 over Bachmann, and 48-34 over Cain.

Pawlenty doesn't poll the strongest head to head among Romney among 'very conservative' voters- he leads by 17 compared to a 21 point lead for Palin and a 24 point advantage for Bachmann with that group. But with center right voters- those calling themselves 'somewhat conservative'- Romney leads Pawlenty by just a single point while he has a 19 point advantage over Palin and a 22 point lead over Bachmann with that group. What that says to me is that many Republicans are looking for someone more conservative than Romney but someone who isn't bound to get creamed in the general election the way Palin, Bachmann, and Cain probably would. That's very good news for Pawlenty if it ever plays itself out in real life.