Friday, June 3, 2011

Tripp Godsey running against John Edwards

As long as I lived in Roanoke, John Edwards was my state senator. He sits on the Health and Education Committee, and would vote down all the pro-life and homeschool friendly legislation I was tracking. He was one of the more liberal members of the state senate. Sadly Republicans weren't able to field a candidate against him in 2007, and he was elected unchallenged.

Thankfully the Roanoke Tea Party found a candidate to run against John Edwards. Tripp Godsey an insurance agent from SW Roanoke has risen to the challenge. The Roanoke Times reports that,
Godsey, 47, described himself as "polar opposites" with Edwards, D-Roanoke. Godsey said he's noticed discontent with Edwards in the business community.

"It was time to step up," Godsey said.

Godsey is a Farmers Insurance agent who specializes in restaurants and hotels. He sits on the board of the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association. He's married with three children.

Whether he can win or not remains to be seen, but it is important that John Edwards not run unopposed again. Godsey claims to be pro-life, and is at least willing to run against John Edwards. We need to hold every single Democrat in the Senate accountable this election cycle.

Especially if you live in the district check out his website and support him on facebook. Hopefully Tripp is a strong aggressive and conservative candidate. He should at least be supported to hold John Edwards accountable.

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