Friday, June 3, 2011

Jo-Ann Chase for Delegate VA-87

With redistricting, two new House of Delegates seats were formed in Loudoun Co. One of these One of these, the 87th, takes up much of eastern Loudoun and centers around Dulles airport. Most of this district used to be represented by Del. Bob Marshall.

A good friend and long time conservative activist has stepped up to run for this seat, Jo-Ann Chase. Now more than ever we need people of conviction who will fight for their beliefs. Jo-Ann is undoubtedly such a person. She has a passion for protecting the unborn, and protecting the freedoms we are losing as a nation. Jo-Ann will tell you exactly what she believes and will not change. With Jo-Ann what you see is what you get. Del. Bob Marshall has worked closely with Jo-Ann. He recognizes that she is the same kind of fighter that he is, and is excited to have her in the House of Delegates to work with him.

If you want a representative of conviction who will hold the party leadership accountable, vote for Jo-Ann. If you think now is a time to fight back hard against the wave of change in this nation, then J0-Ann is your person. Jo-Ann has worked hard within the party and her community, and it is time to send her to Richmond.

Go to her website and join her on facebook and do whatever you can to help Jo-Ann.

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