Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jim Moran Calls Son "Good Kid" after Son Assaults Girlfriend

Today Dem. Congressman Jim Moran showed how much he cared about women.  His son, Patrick Moran, smashed his girlfriend into a metal trash can, breaking her nose, and fracturing her skull.  (Full Police Report is here.)  After the sentencing the congressman referred to his son as a "good kid" involved in an "embarrassing situation."  Imagine, someone who assaults his girlfriend is a good person?  Where is the outrage?  Is domestic abuse just an embarrassing situation?  Maybe for a Congressman only concerned with his image.  Is the Congressman really so blind that he can't recognize that assault is clearly wrong?

After coming under criticism today, the Congressman's office released an email from the woman where she said had merely tripped and fallen.  This is after Patrick was already convicted for assault which multiple people witnessed.

We all know how the Democrats would have responded if a Republican said something like this.  We saw it multiple times last year when a Republican was insensitive towards women, and the Democrats were advancing their "War on Women" meme.  The elected official would be quickly condemned and then every other Republican would be called upon to distance themselves from the statements.  Whether or not they did, ads would be launched and fundraising emails would be sent linking the various candidates together.

I thought it would be appropriate to create an ad in the spirit of the Obama ad attacking Romney for Mourdock's comments.

 I hope you enjoy, and please call upon Democrats in the state to distance themselves from Jim Moran and support victims of domestic violence, not the abusers.

Monday, December 3, 2012

E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor: Announcment Video and Letter from Steve Waters

E.W. Jackson announced his bid for Lieutenant Governor at the Republican Advance this past weekend.  He gave the inspiring freedom fighting speech we loved hearing during his senate run earlier this year.  If the convention hall is filled with liberty activists, he could definitely pull off a win.  He will easily be the most exciting speaker there, and asking people to vote after hearing him speak is almost an unfair advantage for him.  His charisma could be particularly important as the race drags on to multiple ballots, and people want the race to end.

The one concern I do have is whether his red meat speeches will be appealing to a majority of the state should he win the nomination.  This is something E.W. Jackson needs to be thinking about now, and it is really only a question that can be answered in November of 2013.

The following is his announcement video, as well as an endorsement letter from Steve Waters, long time conservative campaign manager and the man E.W. recently hired to manage his campaign.  They are both a bit long, but they are both worth considering in their entirety as you evaluate E.W. Jackson.
December 3, 2012

Dear Friends,

This past June at the Republican Convention, myself and other conservative movement leaders approached Bishop E.W. Jackson asking him to consider running for Lieutenant Governor in 2013.  This past Wednesday evening E.W. called and asked me to manage his campaign for Lieutenant Governor for the upcoming 2013 GOP Convention.  I accepted his offer with great excitement and enthusiasm.  I know how important the 2013 elections are for us to elect men and women into office that will stand up for the beliefs and principles critical to our way of life as free individuals.  Without any hesitation I know that E.W. has the qualities of leadership needed to lead the fight for what we stand for, as he shares the very principles and beliefs that we hold so dear.  E.W. has devoted his life to defending these beliefs and will be a formidable candidate in the general election next November.

The Virginia 2013 elections are of paramount importance to our Commonwealth and our Nation.  Due to the results of the past election we now know more than ever that our rights, values, liberties and freedoms are under attack daily.  Our core beliefs as Christians and as a free people are under attack as never before.  Everything we hold close and dear to our hearts, our way of life, is under fire from the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of our government.  Our individual states are the only line of defense that we have left at this point to protect us from a run-a-way tyrannical federal government and the progressives in the states that work to undo our liberties, just as the current Administration in the White House is attempting to do.  Unfortunately, our team is emotionally drained right now.  We need a leader(s) that will re-invigorate our spirits and our hopes.  We need a leader who will lead us to fight to safeguard our liberty, values and beliefs.  E.W. Jackson is a leader who will lead our efforts.  This is one of the reasons that I believe E.W. will make a fantastic Lieutenant Governor for our great Commonwealth.

I believe Virginia is critical in this fight because of our rich history in our Nation’s past to lead the way for other states in the fight for Liberty.  I also know that Virginia is no longer a red state at this time and one of the things learned in this past election is that the democrats are very competitive at the state level.  If we are not careful we will begin to lose the majority we have in the House of Delegates, our small margin in the State Senate, and possibly the loss of   the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General positions.

To make matters more troubling, there is a battle for the heart and soul of our Republican Party like I have never seen in my lifetime.  Many in leadership across the nation and in Virginia are once again ringing the bell for our party to water down our values and become less conservative and more moderate if not democrat light.  Have they not learned anything! Pat McSweeney once said, “We don’t lose because we are pro-life but because we are not pro-life enough.”  I completely agree.  I also believe we are losing the marriage battle not because we are wrong but because we are afraid to have the debate and speak out on this very important and controversial issue.  Our party is losing because we are not leading on important issues. We are not engaging and educating the electorate and citizenry on these and other issues that are critical to the survival of our society.  I believe that is the case because who represents our party, with the small exception of a limited few.  I do not believe they have the convictions or moral courage to lead this important debate.  Many of our representatives and leaders in the party tell you that they are pro-life.  They list this position on their websites and in their literature during their campaigns.  They even tout their “pro family” record during their campaigns.  However, when discussions are held behind closed doors or when they cast their votes during legislative sessions they betray us.  We MUST do a better job of choosing our elected leaders.  We need to be very clear, and very strong, to the leaders and elected officials in our party that the time has come for them to be more concerned with losing our support, financial and manpower, than with placating the elites, and liberal democrats who would not vote for them to begin with.

I am supporting E.W. Jackson and leading his campaign because I know he is a person who will lead on our issues and who will never betray them.  He will use his power as Lieutenant Governor to push the republican leadership in the Senate to pass our conservative legislation.  The same legislation that is killed in the State Senate each year, many times by our very own Republican leadership.  As Lieutenant Governor E.W. will have the platform to speak out on the critical issues that are confronting our society.  We need a Lieutenant Governor like E.W. Jackson, that will travel across the Commonwealth advocating on behalf of our issues and who will help to elect strong conservatives to the State Senate using his position of leadership.  E.W. would do a brilliant job in his leadership role of the Senate as Lieutenant Governor.  We need an authentic, passionate conservative to oversee the State Senate.  He will also be a great partner to our nominee for Governor, Ken Cuccinelli.  The two of them will make a brilliant team along with a Republican Attorney General.  E.W. already has a national profile.  Many of you have seen him on FOX News and other networks advocating our issues.  The other fact is that we have to have more diversity on our ticket. He knows the African American Community and having him on our ticket will provide the credibility necessary as we reach out to recruit African Americans into our party.  E.W.’s liberty minded concepts on the role of government will make a refreshing and articulate spokesperson to the younger generation who are concerned about the future of our Nation.  He will be able to connect with members of the Tea Party, supporters of Ron Paul and Libertarians like no one else on the ticket with the exception possibly of Ken Cuccinelli. Together, E.W. and Ken will motivate and empower many conservatives, Tea Party, Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians and  conservative African Americans and other minorities who have stayed out of the political process because of their lack of trust and bad perceptions of our party.  Let’s face it, we do have a branding issue and it is not because of our conservative platform as some have claimed since the losses of this past election.

E.W. has made the commitment to run a properly financed and professionally managed campaign.  He took the first step in fulfilling this commitment when he reached out and asked me to manage his campaign.  Under my leadership we will have a professional staff and will raise the funds necessary to win the nomination and the General Election.  E.W. and myself are committed to winning!  We are putting our campaign infrastructure in place and are finalizing our fund raising plans.  Be prepared, when E.W. calls you, he will be asking for your support and to donate to his campaign and if he does, I humbly ask you to become a part in this campaign whether through financial donations or volunteering.

In closing, I am very excited to work on E.W.’s behalf because of who he is and what he stands for.  This is exactly how I felt in 2008 when I managed the U.S. Senate nomination campaign of another favorite of believers of freedom and liberty, Bob Marshall.  We have to elect and vigorously support candidates like E.W. Jackson.  E.W.’s views and beliefs will inspire people in this upcoming election.  We need a leader who will motivate us once again and who will help to give us hope for upcoming victories.  We have to elect leaders such as E.W. or we can expect the same results time and time again that have happened far too often.  We have to elect leaders who are principled and courageous, leaders who will stay the course of their convictions regardless of political consequences from those in the party that are only concerned with preserving their own presumed power.  We know that winning without principle is not winning at all.  Winning elections based on principles and beliefs is true victory.  True victory is what we will accomplish by electing E.W. Jackson as Virginias next Lieutenant Governor.

Please contact me if you have any comments or questions concerning E.W.’s candidacy.  I encourage you to join our campaign and to help us restore true conservative leadership to the office of Lieutenant Governor.  I look forward to hearing from you soon, especially if want to join the Jackson for Lieutenant Governor Campaign!  We want you to be a part of our team.

Our slogan is “Let Liberty Light the Way for Virginia!”  And if you think about it, that is exactly where the fight is, the problems we face and the solutions...LIBERTY!!!

God Bless you and your families!

Steve Waters