Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jim Moran Calls Son "Good Kid" after Son Assaults Girlfriend

Today Dem. Congressman Jim Moran showed how much he cared about women.  His son, Patrick Moran, smashed his girlfriend into a metal trash can, breaking her nose, and fracturing her skull.  (Full Police Report is here.)  After the sentencing the congressman referred to his son as a "good kid" involved in an "embarrassing situation."  Imagine, someone who assaults his girlfriend is a good person?  Where is the outrage?  Is domestic abuse just an embarrassing situation?  Maybe for a Congressman only concerned with his image.  Is the Congressman really so blind that he can't recognize that assault is clearly wrong?

After coming under criticism today, the Congressman's office released an email from the woman where she said had merely tripped and fallen.  This is after Patrick was already convicted for assault which multiple people witnessed.

We all know how the Democrats would have responded if a Republican said something like this.  We saw it multiple times last year when a Republican was insensitive towards women, and the Democrats were advancing their "War on Women" meme.  The elected official would be quickly condemned and then every other Republican would be called upon to distance themselves from the statements.  Whether or not they did, ads would be launched and fundraising emails would be sent linking the various candidates together.

I thought it would be appropriate to create an ad in the spirit of the Obama ad attacking Romney for Mourdock's comments.

 I hope you enjoy, and please call upon Democrats in the state to distance themselves from Jim Moran and support victims of domestic violence, not the abusers.

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