Saturday, May 11, 2013

Breaking: Another Anonymous Smear in the LG Race

I just opened my email to find the following:

from: VA Truth2 to: bcc: date: Sat, May 11, 2013 at 2:40 PM subject: EW Jackson's Bankruptcy mailed-by: signed-by: In 1993 Mr. Earl W. Jackson "EW" filed for bankruptcy. In 1994 EW Jackson's business filed for bankruptcy In 1996 EW Jackson's wife filed for bankruptcy The documentation and details surrounding these bankruptcies can be found by clicking here: This information needs to come to light so we as delegates can make an informed decision. How can the Republican Party claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility and budget restraint, if our nominee has shown no restraint in his personal life. The truth must be known.

Interestingly enough these documents are not official looking but rather something anyone could have made themselves... If it walks like a duck... or rather if it sounds like the chair of the PWC BOS??? ~ Zach Thompson


David Lang said...

I also received the email. I found it more than a little suspicious that they were filed 10 years prior to the entered date in the document. Who is responsible for it or do they just like acting like liberal hack jobs?

David Lang said...

I also received it. The filed date is 10 years prior to the entered date. Looks totally bogus to me. Who is behind it and why do they act like another liberal hack?