Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Thoughts on the Resignation of Alberto Gonzalez

It is sad the Democrats are able to pick off the president's cabinet members at will, however...

Gonzales was incompetent and needed to go. The issue of firing the attorney's was such a non issue, and should have staid a non issue. When Gonzales was questioned he gave such vague and contradictory answers that he made sure the isue kept going. The Attorney General needs to be able to articulately defend his and the president's decisions on the Sunday tv show circuit, and in Senate committee hearings. Gonzalez could not.

Not only is Gonzales a pitiful defender of the president, he's wrong on the issues. He's pro-choice, and doesn't get it on illegal immigration. Personally I've never been impressed by Alberto Gonzales, and I'm glad he's finally gone.

My only regret on the issue is that it took the president so long to do it.