Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stephens Miller ignores reality, attacks Rust's support for autism treatment

Delegate Tom Rust (R-86) was an advocate for a bill that would have required insurers to pay for therapy for children diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorders. So why is Stephens Miller distorting Tom Rust's record?

Does Tom hate puppies too? And lollipops? Maybe rainbows?

Miller's attack would be a lot more funny if it wasn't so desperately false. Consider the facts:

Rust attended a rally organized by the Autism Help Network in July to push for the legislation.

In February, the Washington Post's Loudoun Extra noted that "Many politicians representing Loudoun have been vocal in support of this legislation, including delegates Bob Marshall (R-13), David Poisson (D-32), Chuck Caputo (D-67), Tom Rust (R-86) and Joe T. May (R-33) and state senators Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-27) and Mark Herring (D-33)."

This month, the Virginia Autism Project just named Delegate Rust as a friend of their past and future efforts.

The kicker? Miller's name was not included on the list.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

VA Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Cuccinelli

. Paraphrased Press Release from September 25th:
This week Senator Ken Cuccinelli, Candidate for VA Attorney General, received the single most important endorsement in the Attorney General's race - the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police, the largest law enforcement group in the Commonwealth.
FOP President Tommy Edwards had this to say about the race:
"Ken Cuccinelli's outstanding recognition of the problems faced by the Supreme Court Case Melendez-Diaz, his early and outspoken push for a Special Session, and its ultimate success which will allow the prosecution of certain cases to proceed - is a testament to his skill, knowledge, and support of the law enforcement community."
The momentum is clearly building for Cuccinelli in this race.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Parental Rights Amendment Gains Momentum in VA

Support for the Parental Rights Amendment is gaining significant traction in Virginia; the entire VA Republican delegation have now signed on as co-cosponsors to H.J.Res. 42, bringing the total number of co-sponsors in the House of Reps to 121.

As of yesterday, Congressman Randy J. Forbes of the 4th district has joined his fellow VA Representatives Rob Whittman (VA-1), Frank Wolf (VA-10), Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) and Eric Cantor (VA-7) in co-sponsoring the Parental Rights Amendment. This decision follows several meetings between Forbes staff and constituents of the 4th district regarding the latter's enthusiastic support for the PRA and desire to see their Representative sign on as a co-sponsor.
As the VA grassroots support network for the Parental Rights Amendment extends far beyond the 4th district, constituents in neighboring districts have good reason to believe that vocalizing their support will lead to more co-sponsors of the PRA.

Carry on, constituents!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Updates

For various reasons I will be taking a blogging hiatus for the rest of this semester. I need to focus on other things over the next few months. Over this time another young conservative activist, Grace Tate, has agreed to blog on this site. Grace Tate is a long time member of Generation Joshua and pro-life activist from the Hampton Roads area. She created and helps run a Generation Joshua club named TACT in her area that gives young people an opportunity to get involved in conservative politics on a local level. Thank you Grace for being willing to come on board.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Huckabee Wins Voters Values Conference Straw Poll: 4 Way Tie for Second

This year at the Voters Values Summit Mike Huckabee won the straw poll with 28%. This is no surprise as he has been the darling of this crowd since at least 2007. The conference also only allowed in person voting so that people couldn't vote online. If this had been done in 2007 Mike Huckabee would have won the straw poll then. He took second place in 2007.

Second place was a virtual four way tie. Second, third, fourth, and fifth place were each separated by just one vote. Mitt Romney took 74 votes and 12.4%, Pawlenty 73 votes 12.23%, Palin 72 votes and 12.06%, and Pence 71 votes and 11.89%. Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum were also on the ballot and took 23.42% combined.

Clearly the top five candidates in this straw poll all have potential with values voters. It will be interesting to see how things unfold, who actually runs, who endorses who, and ultimately who the Republican Party nominates.

Dr. Ergun Caner gave an excellent speech before the straw poll results were anounced on the importance of one person. The results show us once again how much one person can impact politics. With only 597 votes out of 1897 eligible voters anyone could have easuily found an extra 10-20 votes for their candidate to give them a strong second place finish.

Next big straw polls, CPAC 2010, and Values Voters 2010.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Eric Cantor: We failed, but they are worse than us.

Eric Cantor earned a standing ovation simply by walking on stage. He gave a strong commitment to family values. "Traditional values are the basis of America." He also said that we must protect life from fertilization to natural death. There was also a reminder that fiscal policy and family policy are two sides of the same coin. "Economy is household management."

However, his comment that, "We failed and they threw us out of office. Now they are making us look like Scrooges," was very revealing. Eric Cantor as Minority Whip lead the fight to adopt President Bush's bailout which paved the way for Obama's fiscal insanity. I hope that if we retake the congress Cantor will have the same commitment to free market capitalism that others like Mike Pence has consistently held. It is not good enough to do the right thing when doing that doesn't matter. We need people who will do the right thing when we have a chance of accomplishing things. If we had made a principled stand against TARP when we could have stopped the bailouts, we might have beaten the Obama bailouts.

Mitch McConnell: Americans Are Common Sense Conservatives

In a speech reminiscent of George Allen, the Senate Minority leader talked about common sense conservativism at the FRC Action Conference.
"Most Americans are common sense conservatives, while most running D.C. are not."
He took Obama to task on two issues on healthcare.
  1. The idea Americans can keep their own coverage under the plan
  2. The idea abortions will not be funded under the plan.
He spoke of the triumph of common sense conservatives in America. The three examples he used were the slow down of the health care bill, the fight on Guantanamo, and the fight over spending.

McConnell made the point that in the first 50 days Obama cost America more money than Iraq, Afghanistan, and Katrina combined.

I hope McConnell continues to be successful in his opposition to the many things Obama is trying to Rahm through this congress.

Pence v. Huckabee Strawpoll Prep

At the FRC Action Conference two popular social conservatives who will be on the presidential strawpoll ballot spoke back to back this morning.

Prior to the event Mike Huckabee supporters met to make sure they had signs at the front of the ballroom to wave when the Governor spoke. It was definitely much lower than the presence in 2007, but definitely an attempt to make there support for Huckabee known. Also Doug Schmidt the Director of Hucks Army was with the Governor for the speech today. I think Huckabee is working with Hucks Army as he preps for a presidential race.

Mike Pence had most of his congressional staff at the conference. The passed out fliers with Mike Pence's name on it about the family planning proposals in healthcare. While the staff say it is just to help fight healthcare and take back the congress in 2010, it atleast gets his name out to all the attendees and he was the only person who will be on the strawpoll ballot with material on the seats.

It will be interesting to see how things play out in the strawpoll results tomorrow. It will also be interesting to see if Pence and Huckabee split the same voting block and someone else wins. I wish there was an option on the ballot to pick your second choice for president.

Mike Huckabee's FRC Speech

In 2007 Mike Huckabee's speech at the FRC conference helped kick his presidential campaign into high gear. I was unable to listen to all of it do to the press gathering around Pence. However I think he received more standing ovations than Mike Pence. He concluded with very forceful comments on foreign policy. He called Obama to stand with the people of Iran AND the people of Israel. He also received a standing ovation when he called out the left for "protecting terrorists more than the people". He also challenged the idea that we need to move to the center, just as Mike Pence did. However he compared us to David and how he fought with a sling instead of the armor he was reccomended to use to fight Goliath. The speech was finished with a call to serve the Lord as we retake America.

It will be interesting to see how the audeince takes the two speeches as they vote in the strawpoll.

Mike Pence: Standing Boldly for Freedom

Mike Pence's speech touched on a number of topics near and dear to the hearts of regular Americans, and received three standing ovations.

He began by speaking about the greatest day in his life. It was not the day he was elected to congress or any of the major things he has been able to do as congressman, but the day he gave his life to the Lord.

He followed up by stating his opposition to government funded abortions in the healthcare bill. This as well as his call to defund Planned Parenthood were the most popular moments in the speech.

The focus of the speech however was freedom. "We must be willing to fight for freedom, free markets, and traditional values." "Freedoms is an inspiration to the world." "We must stand boldly on the world stage for freedom." This was where Pence discussed the need to stand with Iran. Pence also stated, "We must defend entrepenurialistic capitalism against the onslaught of the American left."

While the focus of the speech was on the importance of freedom in every aspect of this nation, there was also a very moving portion of the speech. Congressman Pence discussed how after he returned to his district after the first Bush bailout passed. After he spoke to the boyscouts in his district, a man walked up to him who had just lost his job, and thanked him for voting against the bailout. The man told Congressman Pence, "I can get another job but I can't get another country." This followed by a reminder that, "Times like these are good times to remember what your knees are for," was a very moving portion of the speech.

Congressman Pence is a freedom loving fighter who is unafraid to stand for his personal faith.

Afterwards a number of media members talked with him. In response to questions about the strawpoll Congressman Pence said, "I have no plans to run for president. I'm focussed on taking back the congress in 2010." So far he is atleast denying he is running for president.

Liveblogging the Values Voters Summit

Right now I am in Washington D.C. getting ready to liveblog the FRC Action's Values Voters Summit. This is a national gathering for social conservatives where they are addressed by a wide variety of conservative leaders about the major issues of the day. In 2007 Mike Huckabee's speech at this event following the Ame's Straw Poll helped kick his campaign into high gear. While it too early for presidential campaigns to be kicking into high gear, it will be interesting to see what the potential candidates and their supporters do, as well as which issues are brought up at this conference.

The schedule for this morning is:

7:15—8:30 a.m. American Values Breakfast or breakfast on your own
8:45—8:55 a.m. Opening Ceremonies (National Anthem, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance)
8:55—9:00 a.m. Welcome: Tony Perkins
9:00—9:20 a.m. Rep. Mike Pence (confirmed), introduced by Tony Perkins
9:25—9:45 a.m. Gov. Mike Huckabee (confirmed)
9:50—10:45 a.m. Congressional Health Care Townhall with Q&A: Rep. Tom Price (confirmed), Rep. Michele Bachmann (confirmed), Rep. Chris Smith (confirmed), Tom McClusky (moderator)
10:50—11:10 a.m. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (confirmed)
11:15—11:35 a.m. Rep. Eric Cantor (confirmed)
11:40—12:00 p.m. Miss California Carrie Prejean (confirmed), introduced by Maggie Gallagher

The following people will be listed on the straw poll ballot:

Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum.

Continuing to Follow the Money from Steve Shannon to... Acorn?

Earlier I posted about how Steve Shannon is practically being paid to call for Phil Hamilton to resign. Now it seems that as you follow Steve Shannon's money trail, it may lead to none other than Acorn. This web ad from the Cuccinelli campaign is pretty hard hitting on this connection. This ad has been picked up by the Wall Street Journal and Politico even though it has been out for mere hours.

For someone who constantly criticizes Ken Cuccinelli for having a "personal political agenda" it is ironic there are this many questionable money connections with Steve Shannon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Should Steve Shannon Call for Himself to be Investigated?

In early September, e-mails came out that seemed to indicate Delegate Phil Hamilton funneled state money to Old Dominion University in exchange for a job. Steve Shannon immediately called on Phil Hamilton to resign, and called on Cuccinelli to do the same. He even began running radio ads in the Norfolk are going after Cuccinelli for not calling on Phil Hamilton to resign.

Cuccinelli has responded by arguing that it is wrong for an Attorney General candidate to weigh in on the issue because he might have to sit in judgment in the case. Some have argued that once again this is evidence that Cuccinelli understands the role of the Attorney General while Shannon doesn't.

Thanks to Virginia's public finance disclosure rules some interesting trends have turned up in donations to the Democrat Statewide candidates. It appears that Phil Hamilton's opponent's law firm gave over $120,000.00 to the three Democrat statewide candidates, including over $50,000 to Steve Shannon. Tom White of VA Right did an excellent job analyzing the numbers. This raises the question should there be calls for Steve Shannon to be investigated? If he was given money from Hamilton's opponent and then as a result started calling for Phil Hamilton to resign, isn't that prid pro quo?

Is Mike Pence Running for President?

So far I have tried to stay out of commenting on the Republcian presidential race. It is three years out, and we have more important things to focus on. We need to defeat the healthcare bill, win the Virginia governor's race, and take back the house in 2010. All that said a Mike Pence candidacy could possibly shake up the race, and it seems like he is actually putting his presidential campaign in motion.

In 2008 there was an effort to draft Mike Pence to run for president. Clearly the effort failed. Over the past week I have noticed a number of things that make me wonder if Congressman Pence is running for president right now.

Mike Pence had the biggest presence of any elected official. at the 9/12 march in D.C. Young people with Mike Pence shirts were everywhere handing out cards encouraging people to sign up for e-mail updates on his campaign website, and follow him on facebook, you tube, and twitter. Why would you expend that much energy getting people all over the nation to support you in a safe congressional campaign? They also had rally signs made up declaring D.C. a "Czar Free Zone" that had Mike Pence's name on it. The only elected official I saw who sponsored signs for the rally. Congressman Pence also wrapped up the rally with one of the best speeches on what is wrong with this nation.

When I got home I checked out his campaign website. The video on his homepage is not a video for a congressional campaign. It is possibly one of the most inspiring presidential web ads I have ever seen. In it Pence is referred to as "The People's Champion" "A Voice for Millions of Americans" and "A Counter Punch to the Left." This kind of soaring rhetoric about major national issues is rarely used in congressional campaigns.

When I saw the video I felt it was pretty obvious Mike Pence is running for president.

While Congressman Pence has not yet filed the papers to form a presidential campaign committee, he has a half million dollars and rising in his congressional account for a very safe house seat, he is on every media outlet possible, and has made trips to Iowa.

This weekend at the FRC Action Conference we will probably see for sure whether Mike Pence is running for president. One of the highlights of the conference is the strawpoll. If he has an operation there to try to win the strawpoll, it should be clear that he is taking this seriously. The other interesting dynamic will be the responses the crowd has towards Pence and Huckabee. Both of them are similar in that they are dynamic speakers, unafraid to talk about their faith who appeal strongly to social conservatives. If Pence wants to make a successful bid he needs the Huckabee supporters. From his perspective either Huckabee needs to not run, or he needs to annouce early enough that he is endorsed by an overwhelming amount of social conservative groups and thereby sideline Huckabee. The dynamics between two eloquent social conservative potential presidential nominees will be interesting to watch at the FRC Conference this weekend.

Tonight I saw Gary Bauers newsletter. It focussed on Mike Pence's speech about the Joe Wilson controversy. Gary Bauer concludes the newsletter he sent out days before the FRC Conference by saying, "I urge you to keep an eye on Mike Pence in the future." If Gary is hinting at who he might support for president it will be interesting to see where other social conservative leaders begin to lean, and who they eventually endorse.

What do you think, is Mike Pence running? Would you support him if he ran? How would a Pence bid impact the race? Tomorrow I will be liveblogging from the FRC Conference. Please check back to see if there are any other developments.

Democrat Bart Stupak Stands up to Obama on Healthcare because it Funds Abortions

Congressman Bart Stupak says that H.R. 3200 funds abortions, and claims he has the votes to stop the bill if abortions are funded in it.

This is very encouraging to see. I hope he is successful, and I applaud a Democrat for being willing to stand up to his own party publicly on the critical issue of life. If only all Republicans were as gutsy we might be a different nation.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cuccinelli Sets New Fundraising Record

Last fundraising period Cuccinelli outraised Steve Shannon. At this point we don't know what Shannon's numbers are so we don't know if Cuccinelli outraised him, however it is a historic fundraising record. This last quarter Cuccinelli raised more money off of 1,000 more donors than Bob McDonnell raised in the same quarter of his Attorney General bid. Also the Cuccinelli campaign did this without any party money, which McDonnell had a significant amount of in that quarter. This is a great sign of the true momentum of the Cuccinelli campaign. Even in a bad economy many people believe passionately enough in Ken Cuccinelli that they are willign to donate to his campaign. When you are dedicated to standing up for our values people will respond and support you in Virginia.

Cuccinelli summarized it best when he said,
"I am extremely gratified by the large number of people who have contributed to my campaign. It's truly a testament to the overwhelming grassroots support we have around the Commonwealth. Clearly our message of improving the economy, creating jobs and keeping our families and our neighborhoods safe is ringing a cord with Virginians."
Is it really any surprise Ken Cuccinelli has such strong grassroots support when he gives speeches like the one he gave at Buena Vista?

Lets keep the momentum going and make sure Ken Cuccinelli becomes our next Attorney General.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let's Take Back This Country

Later Today I will be attending the 9/12 rally in Washington D.C. It is one of many rallies this year focussed on trying to tell the government that they must listen to the people of this nation. I hope during this very important year when our liberties, and what it means to be an American are under assault, you are making your voice heard. This is our nation. We put our representatives in office. They derive their power from us. It is our job to make sure they understand this important fact.

I think Thomas Paine can do an even better job of describing what is at stake right now.

Also for those of you not attending the event please be in prayer that it goes smoothly, and that somehow God uses it to impact this nation.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I still remember where I was that day. It is a day none of us will ever forget, none of us should ever forget, and a day that made it apparent to all just how serious the threat was that we faced. It is not only fitting that we remember the events of that tragic day, and the sacrifice of the many heroes, it is also necessary. As we take the time each September 11th to rewatch some of the events of that day, it should strngthen our resolve to do everything to protect this nation, and we shoudl thank those who have fought to protect us. The terrorists just have to find one flaw in our defenses to exploit. We must always be vigilant as a nation so that we do not give them that one chance to attack us again.

In honor of that day I would here is a very fitting tribute a friend of mine made two years ago.

One of the great things that arose out of that very dark time was the pride we all felt to be an American. We saw the attacks and together we were going to fight as a nation to make sure something like that could never happen again. The following are a couple of those greatest moments.

President Bush's "Bullhorn Speech"

The first pitch at Yankee Stadium for the 2001 World Series.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bill Bolling's First TV Ad

I hope you will join me in working to get this man reelected as our next Lieutenant Governor.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Imagine: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child becomes the law of the land

Here is a powerful video that explains the serious threat every family in America face from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the importance of passing the Parental Rights Amendment.

If you would like to help please Join the Fight by signing the petition, donating, joining our e-mail list, or helping in other ways.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Day Obama Care Died

Paul Shanklin did it once again. This is a great parody of the death of Obama care. I can only hope this becomes true.

This post brought to you courtesy of The Joyful One who first sent me the video.