Friday, September 18, 2009

Mitch McConnell: Americans Are Common Sense Conservatives

In a speech reminiscent of George Allen, the Senate Minority leader talked about common sense conservativism at the FRC Action Conference.
"Most Americans are common sense conservatives, while most running D.C. are not."
He took Obama to task on two issues on healthcare.
  1. The idea Americans can keep their own coverage under the plan
  2. The idea abortions will not be funded under the plan.
He spoke of the triumph of common sense conservatives in America. The three examples he used were the slow down of the health care bill, the fight on Guantanamo, and the fight over spending.

McConnell made the point that in the first 50 days Obama cost America more money than Iraq, Afghanistan, and Katrina combined.

I hope McConnell continues to be successful in his opposition to the many things Obama is trying to Rahm through this congress.

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