Friday, September 18, 2009

Eric Cantor: We failed, but they are worse than us.

Eric Cantor earned a standing ovation simply by walking on stage. He gave a strong commitment to family values. "Traditional values are the basis of America." He also said that we must protect life from fertilization to natural death. There was also a reminder that fiscal policy and family policy are two sides of the same coin. "Economy is household management."

However, his comment that, "We failed and they threw us out of office. Now they are making us look like Scrooges," was very revealing. Eric Cantor as Minority Whip lead the fight to adopt President Bush's bailout which paved the way for Obama's fiscal insanity. I hope that if we retake the congress Cantor will have the same commitment to free market capitalism that others like Mike Pence has consistently held. It is not good enough to do the right thing when doing that doesn't matter. We need people who will do the right thing when we have a chance of accomplishing things. If we had made a principled stand against TARP when we could have stopped the bailouts, we might have beaten the Obama bailouts.

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Cargosquid said...

As a delegate to the Republican Convention, I was able to pigeonhole Cantor when he walked by me to thank me for blogging the convention. As one of HIS constituents, I asked him why he voted for the TARP. His answer was typical politicianese...
"We had to do SOMETHING!"

Until these guys realize that they DON'T always have to do something, we're screwed.