Friday, September 18, 2009

Mike Pence: Standing Boldly for Freedom

Mike Pence's speech touched on a number of topics near and dear to the hearts of regular Americans, and received three standing ovations.

He began by speaking about the greatest day in his life. It was not the day he was elected to congress or any of the major things he has been able to do as congressman, but the day he gave his life to the Lord.

He followed up by stating his opposition to government funded abortions in the healthcare bill. This as well as his call to defund Planned Parenthood were the most popular moments in the speech.

The focus of the speech however was freedom. "We must be willing to fight for freedom, free markets, and traditional values." "Freedoms is an inspiration to the world." "We must stand boldly on the world stage for freedom." This was where Pence discussed the need to stand with Iran. Pence also stated, "We must defend entrepenurialistic capitalism against the onslaught of the American left."

While the focus of the speech was on the importance of freedom in every aspect of this nation, there was also a very moving portion of the speech. Congressman Pence discussed how after he returned to his district after the first Bush bailout passed. After he spoke to the boyscouts in his district, a man walked up to him who had just lost his job, and thanked him for voting against the bailout. The man told Congressman Pence, "I can get another job but I can't get another country." This followed by a reminder that, "Times like these are good times to remember what your knees are for," was a very moving portion of the speech.

Congressman Pence is a freedom loving fighter who is unafraid to stand for his personal faith.

Afterwards a number of media members talked with him. In response to questions about the strawpoll Congressman Pence said, "I have no plans to run for president. I'm focussed on taking back the congress in 2010." So far he is atleast denying he is running for president.


Nerdette said...

Oh reaaalllly... why wouldn't he run - did he say? Did he explain the 9/12 campaigning and soaring commercial? said...

I think his speech was much better than Huckabee's. Maybe it was a style preference, but that's the impression it left on me.