Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Rubio WIN in Today’s Debate

"Charlie Crist avoided debating Marco Rubio for almost year – and now we know why!

This morning's debate was a clear victory for Marco Rubio as he showed why he is the only candidate in this Senate race that can be trusted to go to Washington, stand up to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Meek agenda and offer a clear alternative. On the other hand, because Charlie Crist had no vision, record or conservative principles to promote, he did what politicians do – distort and attack.

Floridians were able to see the clear policy differences that exist between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist.

See for yourself here.

The record is clear. Whether it's the stimulus, cap-and-trade, ObamaCare or raising taxes, Charlie Crist's unhealthy appetite for bigger government is out of step with mainstream Floridians. His insistence on distorting Marco Rubio's record is a disservice to millions of Floridians who are tired of the politics-as-usual that Charlie Crist insists on peddling. Marco Rubio has a proven record of standing up to liberal agendas: whether it's being a consistent voice against the Obama/Pelosi agenda in Washington DC or stopping Charlie Crist's liberal agenda in Tallahassee by blocking his efforts to expand gambling or stopping the Crist cap and trade mandate.

Now it's time to stand with the ONLY conservative in this race we can trust to stand up to the dangerous liberal agenda happening in Washington right now. We need you to stand with Marco today by contributing to his campaign. And share this highlight from the debate with your friends. Tell them why you are supporting Marco.

Together, each of us can make a difference and put this country back on the right track by electing principled conservative leaders like Marco Rubio!

Thank you for your support,

Team Rubio

P.S. - Senator Jim Demint joined in watching the debate and had this to say after – we think it summed up pretty well and hope you share his enthusiasm as we move to the next level in this campaign.

Special note from Jim Demint: 'Like many Republicans across the country, I watched today's debate with great interest. With every passing day, my support for Marco Rubio grows stronger and more enthusiastic. Today's debate showed exactly why more and more Republicans are excited by the conservative renewal that's building in Florida because of Marco's candidacy.'"

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