Saturday, March 27, 2010

Endorsement: Doug Gimbert for Botetourt Chair

Current Botetourt chair, Doug Gimbert is running for re-election. In Gimbert's 4-year tenure as chair, Gilmore was the only candidate to loose the county. The local party has grown considerably under Gimbert's leadership despite his opponent suggesting that we need to get back to growing the party - as if it weren't growing! Gimbert is a principled, constitutional conservative. As such he has done a marvelous job of representing the the grassroots - not power brokers in the party. His role in backing now Senator Ralph Smith v. the incumbent Brandon Bell in the state senate primary showed his willingness to support principle v. an establishment candidate that broke campaign promises. This is courage few men have. It is my opinion, if the party had more men like Gimbert it would be a better place - and so would America! Listen to the debate between Gimbert & Broughton here.

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