Monday, March 22, 2010

Fimian Vows to Repeal Healthcare Bill

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March 22, 2010
Tim Edson
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Fimian Vows to Repeal Pelosi-Connolly Healthcare Bill

Fairfax, VA – Keith Fimian, Republican candidate for Congress (VA-11) released the following statement in response to Congress passing the Democrats' healthcare legislation:

"The American people have repeatedly rejected the Democrats' plan to force a government takeover of healthcare and put 1/6 of our nation's economy under government control," Fimian said. "Gerry Connolly has cast his lot with Nancy Pelosi, against the will of his constituents and the American people.

This disastrous healthcare legislation, loaded with backroom deals, special interest giveaways, mandates and $569 billion in tax hikes, will explode an already catastrophic deficit, destroy jobs, and devastate the best healthcare system in the world," Fimian said. "When I am elected to Congress, I will immediately introduce legislation to repeal this bill.

"Republicans offered real solutions to the problems with our healthcare system, but they were rejected. It is clear that Pelosi and Connolly aren't interested in truly fixing problems with our healthcare system, but only in achieving an agenda-driven outcome and declaring a political victory," Fimian added.

The $1.2 trillion price tag includes over $569 billion in tax increases, new taxes on middle class families making $66,000 or more per year, $53 billion in raids on social security, and $200 billion in cuts to Medicare for seniors. It also sends $436 billion directly to insurance companies. The IRS will need to hire 16,500 new workers just to enforce all the new taxes and penalties this legislation will bring.

"Our health care system is the best in the world because it fosters competition, innovation and excellence, and consumers have real choices regarding their medical care. By no means is it perfect, but we should work to improve what we have by addressing wellness, one of healthcare's most central issues, by lowering the cost of insurance through increased competition, by addressing portability, by allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines, and by pursuing tort reform that eliminates frivolous law suits that drive up the cost of medical care," Fimian said. "I look forward to implementing these solutions in Congress and repealing this disastrous legislation Democrats have forced on the American people.

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