Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mark Sell Becomes LCRC Chairman as Loudoun Voters Reject the Politics of Demonization

I would like to take a moment to congratulate Mark Sell on winning the race for LCRC Chairman this past Saturday. He and Candace Strother ran very clean campaigns built around continuing to advance conservativism and continue the winning momentum in Loudoun. They were able to get almost 1,000 people to vote in the election and both campaign structures will be very useful in the years ahead.

Mark Sell is a committed conservative of both the fiscal and social variety. He worked very hard to pass the Marriage Amendment in 2006, and has attended as many Tea Party events as possible over the past year. He constantly volunteered with the door to door effort this past fall as he does every year for the Republican ticket, and received Ken Cuccinelli's endorsement. He knows how to campaign and recruit volunteers, and is committed to our conservative values. He will make an excellent chairman.

While Glen Caroline and Candace Strother have been very gracious in their congratulations to Mark Sell, some of Candace's supporters are very reluctant to unite behind Mark Sell after the vote. Some are taking a we will support him if... approach, (which I respect and understand) while one of Loudoun's most prominent bloggers has continued to show nothing but vitriol and hatred for Mark Sell and his supporters following the election.

The blogger I am talking about is Loudoun Insider. Following the election he wrote one of the most vile and divisive posts in his history. The day before the election he said that if you voted for Mark Sell you would be sending the LCRC back to the dark ages. In a comment on another post that day he called Mark a woman, and after the results came in he called Mark a name I will not repost on this blog. Using this kind of rhetoric about Mark and his top supporters does nothing to build the party. We can and should debate the merits of electing different people, and dig into what they believe, but name calling and ad hominem attacks of this sort have no place in the political dialogue. If you want to argue this party should be a big tent and an accepting party, then you are a hypocrite to demonize people who have worked hard in it over the years.

I am thankful to the voters of Loudoun for rejecting the politics of demonization, and I am thankful that Mark Sell's supporters refrained from this kind of personal mean spirited politics.

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