Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Reform Vote Today... UPDATES

Schedule for the day... *note: "Deem and Pass" has been shot down by Dem. leadership and will not be used.

1pm - House Convenes

5-6pm - "Rules" vote: If the House clears the rule, they can move on to the next of the three important votes that will take place today.

8pm - Senate Bill vote: Note that for this vote and the next, the Minority and Majority leaders will actually be managing their respective sides when the bill hits the floor. This is unusual, as normally, the committee chairs do the honor.

9pm - Reconciliation Bill vote: After the Reconciliation vote, look for an unrelated vote, as you never want to end the day on a controversial bill in case of a miscount or other hiccup that may require Congressmen to be present for a recount. It wouldn't be good for half of the Congressmen to be boarding planes to head back home when you decide you need a recount!

For more interesting facts and tips on how to understand the procedures going on today, I would recommend going to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Healthcare".

Also, watch LIVE what happens on the Hill on CSPAN.

UPDATE 4:02pm: Bart Stupak has reached a middle ground with the President who declared that he would sign an executive order which would clarify the abortion language in the bill, therefore Stupak and his "block" have switched their votes to "yes". TEXT HERE.

UPDATE 7:08pm: Rules passed 224 yea, 206 nay. Roll Call HERE.

UPDATE 10:47pm: Senate version of bill passed 219 yea, 212 nay. Roll Call HERE.

UPDATE 11:04pm: Voting on Motion to Recommit HR 4872.

UPDATE 11:07pm: Motion to Recommit failed.

UPDATE 11:35pm: Reconciliation Bill passed 220 yea, 211 nay.

"Freedom dies a little bit today." Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.
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