Monday, March 15, 2010

Del. Brenda Pogge Endorses Feda Morton for Congress

Today Feda Morton announced that she had received Del. Brenda Pogge's endorsement in her congressional race. Del. Pogge is one of the conservative leaders in the House of Delegates, and undeniably one of the most conservative women in the General Assembly. She knows how to stand by her principles and get legislation passed.

Republican Fifth District Congressional candidate Feda Morton has received the endorsement of State Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96th). Delegate Pogge joins a growing list of influential conservative leaders throughout the Fifth District and the Commonwealth who are backing Morton's candidacy.

"Feda Morton is a conservative leader of principle who has worked tirelessly for decades leading on issues important to our movement. As a member of Congress, she will not only cast the right votes, but will be a leader on the issues that matter the most in putting our nation back on the right course. I predict she will be a leader in the mold of the late great Congresswomen Jo Ann Davis, for whom I worked with closely in the past."

"I am very thankful for the confidence and trust that Del. Pogge is entrusting in me and in our campaign", Morton said. "She knows that I will be an advocate for the citizens of the Fifth Congressional District", Morton said in response to Delegate Pogge's endorsement. Morton stated that her 20 years of experience working to build the conservative wing of the Republican Party is one of her key strengths that prompted Delegate Pogge to endorse her candidacy. "Delegate Pogge knows that I have been consistent in my conservative beliefs throughout my years as a builder of our party", Morton continued. "The positions that I have on the issues that our country is facing today are consistent with the beliefs that I have had throughout my adult life."

If you would like to help Feda Morton in her bid for congress please visit her website, and donate and encourage your friends in the 5th District to help her.

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