Monday, March 1, 2010

Senator Hanger Wants New Internet Sales Tax

Virginia Senator Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta) continues to show us that he is anything but fiscally conservative: Senator Hanger Wants New Internet Sales Tax

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Emmett said...

Just a clarification on the "new" internet sales tax. This is not a new tax. Virginia's law already requires that we pay sales tax on online purchases. The problem is that we don't require online retailers like Amazon to collect it for us. We are supposed to pay any sales tax due on internet purchases annually with Form CU-7. The problem of course is that almost no one really complies with this. We would have the same problem if we allowed Walmart not to collect the sales tax and we all had to keep track of our receipts and "voluntarily" pay any tax due at the end of the year. It is unfair to traditional retailers if we allow online retailers to not collect the tax., Thanks Senator Emmett Hanger