Saturday, March 13, 2010

Virginia First State in the Nation to Pass Ban on Mandated Health Care Insurance

While Congress is caught up in a tumultuous debate over whether or not to undertake sweeping reform that would make it illegal to be without health insurance, Virginia this week made its stance on government health care mandates crystal clear: NO! The answer came in the form of HB 10, introduced by Delegate Bob Marshall, R-Manassas, and mirroring SB 417, patroned by Senator Jill Vogel, R- Upperville, which would block any government mandate that would require Virginia residents to have health insurance. Both received overwhelming bipartisan support. The Senate bill passed into law, while the House version is headed to Governor McDonnell's desk for his signature.

Virginia is the first state in the nation to pass any type of ban on mandated coverage, but more than thirty other states are following our lead with similar legislation pending.

These votes send a clear message to local Congressmen Boucher, D-9th, Nye, D-2nd, and Perriello, D-5th who are standing by to support Obama's healthcare legislation: the people back home in your district don't want Washington bureaucrats in charge of their health care. They also don't want the Commonwealth on the hook for one of the largest unfunded mandates in history.

(From Pat Mullins March 12th, Chairman's Update)

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