Thursday, April 1, 2010

Al Bedrosian for Roanoke Co. Republican Chairman

Al Bedrosian, homeschool dad, Republican nominee for House of Delegates in 1999, and longtime Roanoke area activist, is running for chairman of the Roanoke County Republican Committee. Al Bedrosian was an early and vocal supporter of Sen. Ralph Smith's successful primary challenge against Brandon Bell, a committed pro-life activist, and someone who is unafraid to challenge the party structure when it is capitulating on our conservative beliefs. He has also been a leader in the Roanoke area homeschool community. This is the kind of person we need running the Roanoke Co. Republican Committee. I would encourage you to read his announcement letter, and vote for him on April 15th.

What would be a better way to celebrate tax day then electing a principled constitutional conservative to chair the Roanoke County Committee? Conservatives, Tea Partiers, homeschoolers, disenchanted voters; this is your chance to do something to make a difference

Because I have a strong interest in our political system and government, I have decided to be a candidate for Chairman of the Roanoke County Republican Party. This election will be held on Thursday, April 15th, (registration begins at 6pm – the meeting starts promptly at 7pm). If you are a registered voter in Roanoke County, I need your vote. You do not have to be a republican or part of the republican party. You just have to be a registered voter in Roanoke County. (If you live in Botetourt – see note below.)

I have decided to be a candidate because I think most of the problems facing our great state and country are because Christian conservatives are unwilling to take a stand. I think the liberals/socialist in America are doing exactly what they should be doing – they are attacking the Christian/Constitutional foundation of this country. And they are doing it because they oppose what it stands for. But where are those that believe in the Christian foundation of America – and believe in freedom? Well, that is why I want to re-energize the Republican party to be what it should be --- it needs to stand for solid Christian / Constitutional principles and it needs to hold its own accountable. We have come to idolize our politicians instead of making sure they are protecting the constitution. We need to educate Americans on why socialism does not work and why our founding fathers set up the best form of government this world has ever seen. We need to get back to a time of personal responsibility and accountability and let the free markets take care of the economy, let the churches and local communities take care of the poor, and we as citizens need to be responsible for ourselves and our families and stop looking to the government for help. When we look to the government to provide more security in every aspect of our lives we lose more freedom. The time is NOW to strengthen the Republican party and hold it accountable to the Constitution. I want to do my part in making this a reality. I want to help find candidates that we can be excited about and not always have to chose the lesser of two evils.

The Mass meeting to elect the Roanoke County Republican chairman will be held on Thursday, April 15th at the Roanoke County Administration Building on Route 419 in Southwest County (near the Shoney’s and Rigazzis - 5204 Bernard Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018). Registration starts at 6pm -- The doors will close at 7pm to start the meeting (with no exceptions allowed). If you are not registered and seated at this time you will not be able to vote. I suggest that you arrive no later than 6:30 to register. This is a great experience to see how our form of government really works from the ground up. Bring your family.

Please email me and let me know if I can count on you for your vote at this meeting. Please pass this email note to your friends!
NOTE: If you live in Botetourt County– the meeting to elect a Republican chairman is on Tuesday, April 20th – I am supporting the current chairman, Doug Gimbert – let me know if you would be able to attend and vote for him.


Al Bedrosian

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