Friday, April 2, 2010

Tony Perkins: Don't Give Money to the RNC

Citing concerns about the recent use of RNC spent $2,000.00 at a depraved club near Los Angeles, Tony Perkins (head of the Family Research Council) told people not to donate to the RNC. In the letter he expressed his dissapointment that the RNC is happy about their use of Ted Olson for their campaign finance lawsuit. Ted Olson is also fighting hard in California to overturn Prop 8. Mark DeMoss has already closed his checkbook to the RNC after problems earlier this year.

GOP congressional leaders seem to be disenchanted with the current RNC leadership as well. The RNC is having a hard time with fundraising already. If Michael Steele can't fundraise and work with the congressional leadership, why is he chairman again?

(I am not advocating removing Michael Steel from chairman, just curious what the answer to that question is.)

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