Monday, March 30, 2009

McDonnell Rally

So first of all, congratulations to Bob McDonnell for a very successful kick off tour on Saturday. Bringing 700 people together in Annandale to listen to a Republican is pretty impressive, and hopefully that bodes well for Bob's chances in NOVA in November.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, the Washington Post ran a very good article on the event. The subtitle on the article was "Leadership Turmoil in GOP Threatens to Steal Spotlight." In light of this article I think those supporting Jeff Frederick were definitely successful in Annandale, and while they may not have gotten media attention, there were definitely Frederick supporters at the other events. Also I don't think Bob has seen the end of Frederick supporters at his kickoff events.

As one of Jeff's most vitriolic opponents, Loudoun Insider decried the efforts of Jeff's supporters as unsuccessful. I would have to wonder what more you could hope for than to totally color an article in the Washington Post with the event.

In other news, Mason Conservative once aagain had an amazing post in which he responded to Loudoun Insider and further explained why he supports Jeff. Another very good article is Michael Giere's letter supporting Jeff.

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