Saturday, March 28, 2009

Five Questions Concerning Chairman Jeff Frederick

Five good questions posted by Spank that Donkey on who it is that is trying to remove Jeff.

There are several questions that we as Conservative Republicans must ask ourselves:

1. Why do we want members of our Congressional Delegation who vote to levy a 90% income tax on American citizens, because of Congressional mistakes, to decide who our Party Chairman should be?

2. Why do we want members of the State Senate who have voted to raise our taxes, spend our tax dollars recklessly and offer illegal aliens in- state college tuition benefits to decide who our Party Chairman should be?

3. Why do we want members of the House of Delegates who submit and have passed unconstitutional legislation to decide who our Party Chairman should be?

4. Why do we want members of our state legislature who refused to take a principled stand over funding for Planned Parenthood to decide who our Party Chairman should be?

5. Why do we want the same members of our Party’s State Central and Executive Committees who have brought us down in defeat numerous times since 2001 to decide who our Party Chairman should be?

And finally…

Why will our presumed nominee for Governor not stand side by side with the “Grassroots” of our Party and say “Jeff Frederick was overwhelmingly elected Chairman of our Party and his election should stand: we should only be focusing on winning in November?”

The answer to the first five questions is simple---they should not!

The answer to the last question…. You will need to send an email to and ask.

We have to continue to fight hard to protect our rights as the Grassroots of our Party. We sent a clear message to the party leadership last year that we were tired of failed leadership, running away from our Conservative Principles and of losing elections. That is why we gave Jeff Frederick a stunning victory with over 62% of the vote. We cannot go backwards. We need to move forward and stop the attacks against our rights as American citizens, the precious right that the majority rules, not an elite minority. If you agree with the these questions and answers please forward this email to your fellow grassroots and ask them to make the telphone calls and send the emails to our Unit & District Chairs, State Central Comittee members, our State Wide candidates ( and their offices, our Elected Officials and to our Local Candidates. We must keep the pressure on. The work that you have been doing is having an impact on those who want to remove Jeff. Keep it going! Thank each of you for the hard work you have been doing to protect the integrity of the political process.

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