Monday, March 9, 2009

Put Up or Stand Down

The following is an article by Patricia Phillips, 2007 Republican nominee for the 33rd state senate district, about Jeff Frederick.  It is also linked on We Support Chairman Jeff Frederick.

March 8, 2009
Patricia Phillips
Fact: The controversy about Del. Jeff Frederick’s tenure as RPV Chairman is hurting the Party and our statewide candidates’ chances in this fall’s election.  The longer this goes on, the greater the damage to our Party and thus, the greater the injury to Virginians statewide. 

Allegations:  Apparently those seeking Chairman Frederick’s resignation, and some of our more loquacious bloggers, allege that: 1) that there are numerous instances where Chairman Frederick has acted improperly, bordering on being unethical; 2) that Chairman Frederick has been ineffective; 3) that Chairman Frederick is somehow responsible for the losses Virginians suffered in last year’s presidential, senatorial, and congressional races; 4) that Chairman Frederick has embarrassed the RPV; and 5) finally, that Chairman Frederick’s election at last year’s convention was somehow tainted.  These allegations are considered so grave that supposedly more than ¾ of the State Central Committee have signed a letter (that remains hidden from the rank and file of our Party) pledging to vote for Frederick’s ouster in April should he refuse to resign. 

Resolution:  All of the allegations against Chairman Frederick should be aired in public. Now. The matter is in the press; any further attempt to maintain secrecy in this matter “for the good of the Party” is pointless.  Further, the refusal of those seeking Frederick’s removal to allow the rank and file to judge the allegations for themselves raises very serious questions about the validity of the allegations. If we allow a select few to overturn a legitimate election, for their own purposes and absent proof of illegal or unethical behavior on Frederick’s part, we set a dangerous long-term precedent for both our Party and our state. 

Point One: The Party Plan allows for the removal of the Chairman in extreme circumstances, similar to the federal system of impeachment by the house and trial by the senate.  This option is not intended to resolve policy differences or personality conflicts.  The RPV does do not operate as a parliamentary system, with votes of no confidence. It is too disruptive. The vote of delegates at our conventions should only be set aside in the most extreme of circumstances. There is an election process to be followed. 

If there are valid allegations of illegal or unethical behavior, they should be made public – reason would suggest that the Chairman would resign in the face of documented, provable charges of illegal or unethical behavior on his part, as the rank and file of the RPV will not support or condone such actions. 

Point Two: Frederick has been Chairman for less than a year. He has already had the distraction of facing down a prior attempt to remove him last December.  Despite that, RPV is moving forward in technology, outreach, and organization. Absent proof of illegal or unethical behavior on Frederick’s part, those seeking his ouster are directly responsible for retarding our growth and improvements in our effectiveness in this gubernatorial year. 

Point Three: Given the election result nationwide, does anyone honestly believe that Chairman Frederick is to blame for our poor showing in last year’s elections? Those making this charge undermine their own credibility in the eyes of the rank and file – they are rightly seen as grasping at any excuse to affect the removal of our duly-elected Chairman.  It raises serious questions about their motives and intentions. 

Point Four: One charge seems to revolve around Chairman Frederick’s legitimate and accurate observation last year that then-Senator Obama chose to develop and maintain a long-term association with William Ayers, the self-admitted collaborator in the 1960s bombing of the Pentagon and other government buildings.  Those who criticize Frederick’s criticism of Obama, including Senator McCain, play into the hands of a biased media that is hell-bent on electing liberals at all levels of government.  The observation was accurate, humorous, and well within the bounds of political discourse. Those who claim otherwise have swallowed the Democrats’ propaganda hook, line and sinker. 

While I agree that the “Twitter” incident was a boneheaded and costly mistake, it was hardly an impeachable offense. 

Point Five: That Chairman Frederick was legitimately elected is incontrovertible.  I was at the convention last year.  His victory was overwhelming.  One blogger recently claimed that Frederick won because so many delegates left the convention following the vote on our Senate nominee.  There was not a significant exodus before the vote for Chairman of the party. The claim that somehowFrederick’s election last year was questionable or illegitimate strongly indicates that the people making this charge are looking for any excuse to subvert the vote held in last year’s convention.  

Conclusion:  The rule of law is critical to the well-being of our Commonwealth. To repeat, if we allow a select few to overturn a legitimate election, for their own purposes and absent proof of illegal or unethical behavior on Frederick’s part, we set a dangerous precedent for both our Party and our state.  I have yet to see any proof, or even any serious allegation, of illegal or unethical behavior warranting the removal of Chairman Frederick.  Unless I am given such information, I will continue to proudly support the Chairman in his efforts to move our Party forward and I will urge the rank and file to unite behind our Chairman.  I welcome any substantiated information that might lead me to withdraw my support of Chairman Frederick.  I urge my representatives from the 10thCongressional District to the State Central Committee to vote against any removal or censure of Chairman Jeff Frederick. 

Patricia Phillips
2007 Republican Candidate
33rd Virginia Senate District

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