Friday, March 13, 2009

Warehouse Republicans

One of the greatest problems with conferences is that people will go to them, and then do nothing as a result of the amazing speakers they hear afterwards. I am amazed at the number of people who claim to be conservatives who care about their country who you can't get to just call their congressman, or even campaign for one night for a cause or issue they profess to love. If people don't get out and help get involved supporting conservative issues and candidates, what is the point of going to conferences like CPAC?

At CPAC this year, Mike Huckabee, the social conservative darling in the 2008 primaries, challenged the listeners to not just sit and listen to the speakers, but to act and do things as a result. He is famous for his use of the term "vertical politics." At CPAC he introduced conservatives to the idea of "Warehouse Republicans."

He wrapped up the speech by challenging the audience with these words:
But there is no other reason to get involved if we are going to be warehouse conservatives. Today I leave you with this challenge, let's get out of the warehouse, let's get in the water, let's stir things up, let's make some waves, let's change this country, because if we don't there might not be another generation left to get the job done.

This part of his CPAC speech begins at 8:41 on Part 3 of the speech and carries through to the stirring words at the end.

If you want to get involved in this years elections. Please get involved helping winning back seats for conservative congressional republicans, winning the statewide races in Virginia, helping Ken Cuccinelli win the Attorney General nomination at the RPV state convention, and help in the effort to keep Jeff Frederick on as RPV chairman.

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