Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prince William County Republicans Support Jeff Frederick

The following article is written by someone who attended the PWRC meeting where the committee unanimously voted to support Jeff Frederick.  This is one of the biggest counties and a key to winning NOVA.  If Bob McDonnell is successful in upsetting these Republicans, and other likeminded Republicans around the state, well... I hope he doesn't.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the State Central Committee,

Just three hours ago, I was in the Prince William County Republican Committee Convention.  At that time there was a resolution put to the floor in support of our (yours and my) Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.  That resolution fully and unambigulously endorses Chairman Frederick; it calls on all of you to focus on winning the next elections; and to unconditionally assist Chairman Frederick in the performance of his duties.  

The measure was read in its entirety and discussion was requested-there was none.  A vote was taken.  Those in favor were asked to raise their hands and a forest of arms appeared.  Those against were asked to vote and I saw no hands.  Even accounting for a home town crowd, I say so much for the fantasy that there is a "grassroots" effort to unseat Chairman Frederick.  This would be a really good time to get down to the business at hand and forget the coup.

Best Regards,

Bill Card

Dumfries, VA

If you would like to join the effort to keep Jeff Frederick as Chairman, please join "We Support Chairman Jeff Frederick".

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