Friday, March 20, 2009

Only Nine Unit Chairmen Sign Letter Calling for Jeff Fredericks Removal

So today the big development in the fight to oust Jeff Frederick from the party chairmanship was that nine unit chairs signed a letter calling for Jeff Fredericks resignation. Some people are trying to spin this into a show of grassroots support for removing Jeff Frederick. This letter, however, was originally supposed to be signed by an overwhelming number of the unit chairmen to show that unit chairs across the state wanted Jeff removed. Instead only nine of one hundred thirty chairmen signed the letter. How can this be spun into a success? I think it shows one thing clearly, the people closest to the grassroots realize that removing Jeff isn't a good idea for this party.

It also shows that the We Support Chairman Jeff Frederick movement is effective. A week or two ago I bet a number of unit chairmen could have been pressured into signing the letter. Now that the grassroots is actively involved, people are being more careful. Let's keep up the good work and contact Bob McDonnell and encourage him to stop trying to remove Jeff. We need to unify the party heading into the state convention as we work to an executive sweep in November.

The fact that Mike Thomas and Bob McDonnell could only get nine chairmen to sign the letter shows the grassroots strength of Jeff's support. Thank you for helping us show our grassroots strength, and we will keep fighting till April 4th, and the state convention if necessary.

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