Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jeff Frederick Receives a Warm Welcome at the NOVA AG Debate

On Tuesday March 10th, the Loudon County Republicans showed their support for Chairman Frederick at the NOVA Attorney General Debate.  This was a couple days after the effort to unseat Jeff Frederick became public, and the same day the GOP State Senate leadership issued a letter calling for Chairman Frederick to resign.  When LCRC Chairman Glen Caroline introduced Chairman Frederick there was instantaneous spontaneous applause for the chairman, and interestingly noone booed.  If you don't believe that a gathering of roughly 200 Loudon Co. Republicans supports Chairman Frederick, check the video out yourself. 

This is yet another instance of the grassroots support Jeff Frederick enjoys as RPV chairman.

(While the audio quality isn't the best, the introduction takes place rougly at minute 1:06.  If you would like to help keep Jeff Frederick in office, please join the "We Support Chairman Jeff Frederick" group on RPV Network.)

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