Monday, March 2, 2009

Republican 2009 Convention shaping up to be Big

This years VA Republican State Convention should be very exciting. It will be the culmination of an Attorney General nomination contest that will have lasted over a year, we will get to celbrate and kick off McDonnell's bid for Governor, and we will also have Sean Hannity as key note speaker.

Not only will it be an exciting time. It seems it will also be big. According to e-mail's from Dave Foster, Arlington's delegation will be twice as large as last year's, and Virginia Beach's delegation will be three times as large as last year. In 2008 we had about 4,000 delegates. If this kind of increase in delegate filings keeps up we could have 8-10,000 delegates which would be a very large exercise in democracy. This should be one big fun party in May.

If you have not yet filed to be a delegate and would like to, let me know and I will help you file.

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