Monday, March 9, 2009

Do Wou Want Barack Obama to Fail?

Recently the Democrat Party has gone after Rush Limabaugh because he said he wanted President Obama to fail.  Did they listen to the whole segment where Rush articulated how he wanted Obama to fail as long as he kept doing things that would ruin the nation?  No they didn't.  They madly went after Rush, and tried to use it as a way to go after the RNC.  

Saying it is wrong to want a president to fail harkens bank to the ancient days before the historic election when a Republican occupied the White House.  At that time we were getting lectures on a regular basis on how dissent was patriotic.  During the Democratic Presidential Primaries, Sean Hannity loved to play the soundbite of Hillary Clinton where she shreaks, "We are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration."  

Not only did Democrat leaders want President Bush to fail, but the rank and file Democrats did as well.  In a poll taken in 2006, 51% of Democrats did not want President Bush to succeed, probably the equivalency to wanting him to fail.

The idea that wanting a president who you disagree with to fail is wrong is a very new idea.  It is just being used by Democrats to smear the RNC, Rush Limbaugh, and talk radio.  It is probably also being used as an example of why the fairness doctrine needs to be reinstated which hopefully congressional Republicans will find the votes to block.

Disagreeing with an administration is critical to the survival of a healthy democracy.  This ability must not be curtailed.

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