Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cuccinelli Declares Victory in Three Key Localities

In today's Cuccinelli Compass Sen. Cuccinelli declared victory in Chesterfield County, Virginia Beach, and Hampton Roads. Also related to my last post about how this year's RPV state convention will be larger than last year's, in all these localities there was a significant increase in delegates signed up over last year. I think the appeal that Sen. Cuccinelli is enjoying throughout enjoying throughout Virginia in this attorney general nomination contest is evidence of the fact that Virginia Republicans like social conservatives with a record on the issues. I also think that Ken's record in the senate will complement Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling's campaign of being a ticket with a record of getting things done for Virginians very well.

March 2, 2009

Dear Fellow Virginians,

I sent a Compass yesterday, so this will be short.

Today was the convention filing deadline for, among others, Chesterfield
and Virginia Beach. We VASTLY out-filed our nearest competitor in BOTH
units. And folks, these are the 2nd and 3rd biggest voting blocks at the
convention - over 10% of the total vote at the convention. Together, they
may account for more votes than all other filings up to this point!

Tonight was also the Hampton City mass meeting, and we lead here too... and
this one is particularly interesting... read on to find out why!


There were 704 delegates filed in Chesterfield County for the 2009
convention - that's more than four times as many delegates as showed up in
2008. The GOP ain't dead yet!

Of those 704 delegates, Cuccinelli folks walked in the door with 396
(56%)! As of Sunday night, the next closest A.G. candidate had only filed
about 100 delegates. We have more than tripled the second place candidate
in Chesterfield. There is also a significant chunk of undecideds.

Have you heard anything this specific from any other candidate in this
race? No, you haven't. We read their emails too. Why do you
suppose they haven't been more specific? Hmmmm... I

Virginia Beach

And now it starts to get interesting ... Dave Foster's campaign claimed
victory in Virginia Beach four hours after the filing deadline today -

Last year, only 75 delegates went to the convention from Va. Beach.
438 delegates filed by today. Our party is coming back to life with so
many grassroots activists!

Of the 438 delegates filed by today, our folks walked in with 192 forms -
more than double any other A.G. candidate. Of course, many of the others
are our supporters too (we just didn't turn in all of their forms - they did it
themselves). Again, the next largest block after our block of delegates
appears to be the undecided block.

So much for that other campaign's victory claim!

Last But Not Least, Hampton City

And speaking of false victory claims, our other competitor, John Brownlee,
claimed a huge victory in Hampton today. Again, Woops!

63 delegates were elected at their mass meeting tonight. Over half of
these delegates are committed to our campaign. But Brownlee claimed he
leads all other candidates by a 3 to 1 margin.

How can this be? It can't. Someone either can't count or hopes
you won't!

Did you notice that they didn't provide any specific numbers - seeing a
pattern here?

Any reporters want to test this one to see who "counts better?"
Bloggers? We'll give you the list of our supporters - will our competitor
do the same?

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