Friday, April 3, 2009

Rally for Jeff Frederick

This Saturday morning Grassroots supporters for Jeff Frederick from across the Commonwealth will meet at the Marriott West Hotel in the West End of Richmond.

The Hotel is located off Interstate 64 in the Innsbrook area. Follow the directions on the Marriott Website carefully. The Hotel is located behind a line of trees. When turning on to Dominion Dr. the Hotel is on the left.

We will be meeting in the back of the Hotel at 8:45 am Saturday morning. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided. Jeff will be addressing us at 9:15. The State Central Committee will begin their meeting at 10:00. The meeting is CLOSED. Although we do not believe a meeting of this importance should be closed, that is the rules and being the individuals that we are we will follow and respect the rules.
Please continue to call your State Central Committee member and encourage them to NOT override the majority of our party who attended last years convention and elected Jeff as our Chairman with over 60% of the vote. In our society the majority rules not an elite few. We do not believe that any elections should be overturned because some do not like the outcome.
Please come to Richmond this Saturday to show your support for the right of every Grassroots worker in our Party to participate in the election of our State Chairman without being concerned that our choice will be overturned.
If you are planning on coming, please e-mail John Darden at so we can get a feel for how many people will be coming.
And as always please continue to be respectful as we work to keep Jeff as our party chair. Being rude and offensive will only hurt our cause, and make us look bad.
If you would like to get involved in the We Support Chairman Jeff Frederick movement, please join us on facebook, or the RPVNetwork, sign the petition, and contact your state central members and theMcDonnell campaign.


tim boyer said...

The Party Plan does NOT allow for ANY meeting of ANY committee of RPV to be closed to the public (Article VII, section G.).
As such, the accusers do not have the authority under the Party Plan to make any rules antithetical to rules already spoken to in the Plan.

They are usurping the authority of the Plan to allow them to do their evil deeds under the cover of darkness.

We should all be offended and angry that the usurpers actually dare tell us that we do not have the right, given to us in the Plan, to come see them attempt to deny us our right, given to us by the Plan, to elect our own leaders!!

We must make them all pay the ultimate price for this coup against us.

Brian said...

The "ultimate price?" Are you actually advocating that people kill the SCC members because they are holding a meeting in private?

Shaun Kenney said...


It's not closed to the public.

Please tell me you guys aren't familiar with Robert's Rules? Any body can go into Executive Session.

It's a very common procedure, used to discuss sensitive topics (in this case, extensive FEC violations) so that they aren't discussed in public view. Majority votes puts it there.

If an investigation is what you guys want, then the body --has-- to go into Executive Session. If you want things aired, then you're going to get a bunch of grandstanding, allegations, hot emotions, and probably the opposite of what folks are looking for.

Which presumably is fairness.

Citizen Tom said...

Shaun, common procedure or not, this is politics. Attempts to remove the Chairman have gotten to be too commonplace in this party. If the decides to remove Frederick, then SCC must clearly explain why Frederick was removed. While a closed session made limit theatrics within the session, a closed session does nothing to help relieve the suspicions of the public or party members.