Friday, April 24, 2009

Cuccinelli on the Issues: The 2nd Amendment

The third in a series of issue positions
from the Cuccinelli for Attorney General Campaign

The 2nd Amendment is one of those key issues that define the differences between conservatives and liberals. Liberals - and even some misguided Republicans - believe that the Government should have the right to impose restrictions on the purchase of any firearm - and what type of firearm a law abiding citizen should own.

Some (especially those on the left) believe that no-one - with the exception of law enforcement and the military - should have the ability to possess firearms. While this seems unrealistic, the left has for years followed through with a "legislative war of attrition" on the 2nd Amendment - seeking to ban incrementally, specific types of firearms, ammunition and sales.

As a State Senator, Ken Cuccinelli is the only candidate for Attorney General that has votes AGAINST attempts to weaken our rights as written in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

Ken has:

  • Worked for the repeal of unreasonable restrictions on concealed carry permit holders and worked for the reciprocity between states that issue concealed carry permits (for example, a conceal carry holder in Virginia would be allowed to carry and conceal in any other state with similar laws)
  • Drafted and successfully passed legislation that stopped some liberal county governments from requiring background checks via the U.S. Mail when purchasing a firearm, resulting in a waiting period. While Ken supports the current process of instant background checks at the point of sale - his legislation eliminated local governments' attempts to impose waiting periods with the additional, duplicative check.
  • Worked to expand locations where law abiding citizens with carry conceal permits can carry - including state parks.

Ken's support and activism on behalf of the 2nd Amendment has never wavered - despite representing an area of the Commonwealth traditionally hostile to those rights. Ken Cuccinelli's support of our rights are not born from politics, but rather from a deeply held belief that Constitutional rights as written by our Founding Fathers are sacrosanct - and we should fight on all levels to protect those fundamental rights guaranteed under the US Constitution.

As you begin to learn the candidates' positions (or the lack thereof) ask yourself this question: What has this person actually done or accomplished on the issues we care about? Then look at the RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENT from Ken Cuccinelli and you'll see that Ken's positions are not just political rhetoric.

Maybe that's why the Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League have both endorsed Ken's candidacy for Attorney General. Ken also has an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association. Ken is the ONLY candidate endorsed by 2nd Amendment organizations in this race.

As your next Attorney General, Ken will continue the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens and any attempts from Liberals in Washington, or in Virginia, to restrict those rights.

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