Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cuccinelli on the Issue of Taxes

The first in a series of issue positions
from the Cuccinelli for Attorney General Campaign

Now that delegates from across the Commonwealth have been elected to represent their county/city committees at the 2009 Republican State Convention, the Cuccinelli for Attorney General campaign is starting a series of emails that spell out Ken's positions - and his voting record - on these issues.

As Ken is the ONLY candidate for Attorney General with an actual voting record on important matters he may face as Attorney General, we want Delegates to know the facts behind Ken's positions. Unfortunately, we expect Ken's vast voting record to be attacked, grossly distorted and taken out of context. As the front runner, Ken expects it.

We ask you to keep these emails as your reference and your backup when discussing important issues, and dismissing the inevitable distortions which sometimes plague our political system.

We felt it appropriate to start this discussion on TAX day, a/k/a, Democrats' Day. Not because we believe we shouldn't pay ANY taxes - that's not realistic. But because we pay too much, and all to feed an ever-expanding and out of control government - local, state and federal.

As a member of the Virginia State Senate representing Fairfax County, Ken is the only candidate for Attorney General with a voting record OPPOSING TAX INCREASES, opposing government intrusion and protecting our property rights.

Perhaps Grover Norquist, the renowned national conservative and President of Americans for Tax Reform summed it up best:

"Senator Cuccinelli is the strongest and sometimes the only voice in opposing tax increases of all kinds in the legislature. He is working behind the scenes to try and bring his colleagues back into the anti-tax camp."

As a State Senator, Ken has:
  • Led the fight against former Governor Mark Warner's 2004 tax increase, the largest in Virginia history;
  • Led the successful defeat in the Virginia Senate of Governor Kaine's proposed tax increases in 2006 and 2008;
  • Proposed measures to shift money within the current budget to transportation WITHOUT raising taxes;
  • Led the successful fight against the 2002 sales tax increase in Northern Virginia;
  • A 100% voting record as rated by the National Federation of Independent Business;
  • Been named a "Hero of the Taxpayer" by Americans for Tax Reform.

As your next Attorney General, Ken has pledged to continue to support a favorable environment for starting and growing business in the Commonwealth, including using his political influence to fight tax increases. And while protecting Virginia consumers, Ken will direct the Attorney General's office in a manner that is as minimally burdensome on our businesses and economy as possible.

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