Monday, April 20, 2009

Cuccinelli on the Issue of Life

The second in a series of issue positions
from the Cuccinelli for Attorney General Campaign

Ken Cuccinelli is unabashedly Pro-life. It's a position he has always had - and a belief that's based on more than just words.

It's one thing to say you're "pro-life" as a candidate for nomination to public office - everyone that wants a Republican nomination says it. It's completely different if your words are backed with action and an actual record.

How many times have pro-lifers been disappointed after electing someone who kept insisting that he was pro-life during a campaign?

As a member of the State Senate, Ken Cuccinelli has not just voted right, he has been a leader on initiatives that cover the whole spectrum of the abortion issue and is a recognized leader on the issue of life.

  • Ken has introduced legislation to ensure that abortion clinics are licensed and subject to the same regulations as outpatient surgical hospitals;
  • Ken authored the Senate version of the parental consent law;
  • Ken has led the way with efforts to de-fund planned parenthood of your tax dollars;
  • Ken has led the Senate effort to successfully block embryonic stem cell research;
  • Ken has led the fight to ban the gruesome procedure of "partial-birth" abortion;
  • Ken led the fight on the Senate floor to adopt the "Choose Life" license plate, which was just signed into law. Proceeds from the sale of these plates will go to crisis-pregnancy centers across the Commonwealth.

These are just a few of the reasons why such notable conservative organizations as the Eagle Forum Virginia PAC, and the Republican National Coalition for Life have ENDORSED Ken's campaign for Attorney General.

Additionally, the Family Foundation honored Ken with their prestigious "Legislator of the year award" for 2008 for his efforts to strip planned parenthood of state tax funding.

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