Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jeff Frederick Removed as Chairman

As most of y'all know by now, Jeff Frederick was removed yesterday as party chairman. We only lost by one vote. While we lost we were able to let people know who it was we supported. Over 75 activists showed up at the Marriott and peaceably demonstrated in support of Jeff Frederick. None showed up to urge for Jeff's removal. While we lost one battle we will keep pushing on to retake the party, and hopefully install a grassroots leader as chairman at the convention. Hopefully on May 30th a well known true conservative will become chairman and we can leave a united party.

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profg said...

I'm absolutely STUNNED that Jeff Frederick was ousted. This is the kind of despicable, "smoke-filled backroom" politics of personal destruction that is going to absolutely KILL the VA GOP. Frederick represented the truly conservative grassroots of the GOP - that's why he was able to defeat the liberal Hager at the convention last year. The liberal losers couldn't stand that, and made sure to win back "their" party. Well, congratulations, guys -- now the VA GOP wil LOSE, LOSE, LOSE, just like it did thanks to your boy Hager. Frederick was beginning to turn things around -- sucks to be you. Losers.