Friday, June 12, 2009

So who is Steve Shannon?

Now that both parties have their candidates, it is time to begin analyzing the Democrat candidates. If you have been reading this blog at all you have a feeling for who Ken Cuccinelli, and what I think of him. Now it is time to begin to explore who his opponent is in the Attorney Generals race, Steve Shannon.

Mason Conservative describes Steve Shannon by saying,
As for Steve Shannon, none of this trio fits the term "backbencher" better than Shannon, who's spent four years in the House of Delegates just smiling away, not doing much, but being young and raising money and convincing people that he's electable. Its the kind of guy that always emerges when one party starts to really prosper - young pols who get elected on coattails and seem to convince everyone they are the future based on nothing but fluff.
RPV Chairman Pat Mullins described him similarly in his election night e-mail by saying,
“Steve Shannon is looking to leave behind his status as a back-bencher in the legislature to continue to promote his belief in higher economic burdens on working families. His record reflects full-voiced support for higher taxes and staunch opposition to tax relief. When Virginians are hurting and are in need of new and better jobs, his view of the taxpayer as an unlimited funding source is the last thing we want.
These are a couple quick summaries of who Steve Shannon is, and I'm sure that in the coming months we will delve deep into his voting record. As a member of the House of Delegates from Fairfax County, Steve Shannon shares two precincts with Cuccinelli's senate district. It is interesting to note that Democrat blogger Ben Triblett of Not Larry Sabato wrote a detailed analysis of Shannon's electoral history and doesn't believe Shannon will be able to run away with NOVA. Since Cuccinelli resonates well in southern and southwestern Virginia, has been elected in Fairfax County, and Shannon may not do well in NOVA, Ken may be in a very good electoral position.

The one major advantage Shannon has is money. At the end of the last filing period he had atleast a 10:1 money advantage over Cuccinelli. If you support limited government, lower taxes, private property, and strong families please donate to Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General.

Ken Cuccinelli
for Attorney General of Virginia

If you are interested in hearing Ken's thoughts on the upcoming Attorney General primary, Ken shares them at the end of the following video.

Bearing Drift interviews Ken Cuccinelli from Beehive Video on Vimeo.

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