Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Tip My Hat to Meredith Quillen and Noah Wall

Yesterday I read a blogpost and saw that Creigh Deeds achieved his impressive victory with a "tiny 25-person staff." If this is true then Ken Cuccinelli's victory is even more impressive. His statewide campaign was run by two people: Meredith Quillen and Noah Wall. There were a number of hard working volunteers for the campaign, which enabled them to operate with a tiny staff. That said, Meredith and Noah worked tirelessly for Ken during the nomination contest. As a result of their hard work, Ken confounded the pundits and took 57% on the first ballot. Meredith and Noah, thank you for all your work. I pray God blesses your efforts over these next few months like he did over the past few, and continues to bless your endeavors for conservativism in this state.

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Nerdette said...

Yeah Meredith and Noah! They did, and are continuing to do, as downright remarkable job running the KC campaign. Thanks for giving them credit, Willie. :-)