Friday, June 5, 2009

Democratic Primary Update

Here is a quick political rundown of the Democratic Gubernatorial primary that is only days away.

Creigh Deeds had been running behind, but now he is possibly in the lead. While Republicans are a little wary of Creigh Deeds because he almost been McDonnell four years ago, it seems he has done some things recently that may hurt his political chances.

All that said Republicans still may not need to worry about Deeds as each democrat contender has a poll that puts them ahead. Some 2nd amendment activists are trying to get gun owners to vote for Brian Moran who most Republicans would agree would be the easiest to beat.

Polling wise it still doesn't matter who the Democrats nominate. Bob McDonnell is leading in the one early poll that matters, how favorably the electorate views a candidate.

On a final note Bill Clinton is coming to Virginia one final time this weekend in support of Terry McAuliffe in what will probably be a low turnout affair next Tuesday.

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Nerdette said...

Haha Willie... no one would know you're Republican, seeing your Moran for Gov banner ;-). Better be careful, politically savvy moves like that can come back to haunt you. Hehe... strange bedfellows indeed.