Friday, June 19, 2009

Recent Poll Numbers are Good News for McDonnell

A recent Daily Kos poll on the Virginia Gubernatorial election is good news for Bob McDonnell. The poll shows McDonnell leading 45%-44%. When I first saw the news a couple of my first thoughts were the Deeds bounce disappeared quickly, and being up by just 1% in a liberal poll is not bad.

However when you analyze the internals, the poll looks even better. McDonnell's favorables continue to be much better than Deeds. His overall favorables are better, he has a 7% favorable lead among independents, and is more favorable among Democrats than Deeds is among Republicans. McDonnell and Deeds also have an essentially equal disapproval rating, 35% and 36% yet double the people have no opinion on Deeds than on McDonnell. That is a lot of people who can be reached out to and educated on who Creigh Deeds really is.

Even with all the good news from this poll, it was slanted Democrat. (What a shock fom a Daily Kos poll.) The poll was overpopulated with Democrats and minorities, and predicts Deeds will win NOVA 3-1. Even with a slanted poll, McDonnell still leads.

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