Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cuccinelli's General Election Literature Raises Reagan's "Banner of Bold Colors"

While there has been some concern in this election about candidates who almost seem ashamed of their conservativism, Ken Cuccinelli's general election literature doesn't stir up that fear. Throughout the nomination contest Ken talked about how candidates tend to paint themselves as conservatives in a nomination fight just to win the contest. Ken's literature piece let's everyone know he is not one of those people.

The piece opens with a quote from Cuccinelli in which he says,
"Many politicians forget where they draw their authority--from you the people. Government has an obligation to be transparent and to maintain as limited a place in our lives and businesses as possible while protecting our communities. These are beliefs I will carry with me to the state capitol."
Ken continues by laying out specific things he will do as Attorney General. This list of goals includes "expanding opportunity by resisting the growth of government and keeping Virginia a low regulation... state," "preserving property rights and the Constitution--as it is written," and "advancing openness and accountability to give the citizens of Virginia better control over their own government." Thes are all distinctly conservative approaches to government, and I think ones that resonate well with a lot of people. I applaud Ken Cuccinelli for being willing to run as a conservative in a statewide general election. Ken Cuccinelli's new literature raises the "banner of bold colors" Ronald Reagan encouraged Republicans to raise, and I am proud and excited to stand with Ken Cuccinelli.

If you would like to help spread Ken's conservative message across this state, please contact a local victory center and volunteer, or donate to Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken Cuccinelli
for Attorney General of Virginia

Here is a photo of the literature piece I described in this post.


Nerdette said...
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Nerdette said...

It's funny and sad at the same time how many people don't even realize the that they were originally supposed to run this country - that they are the government's boss, and not the other way around. It's like a complete revelation for them when I bring it up. Even for me, Mike Huckabee was the first politician that I can remember who brought up the issue and publicly described himself as what he really IS - a public SERVANT. We need more Huckabees and more "enlightened" citizens.
Thank you Ken Cuccinelli and Willie Deutsch.