Monday, June 22, 2009

Bob McDonnell on Taxes in His Own Words

Last week Bob McDonnell came under fire from the Washington Times for refusing to sign a pledge to not raise taxes. Yesterday his campaign released Bob McDonnell's record on taxes. It is quite an impressive record, and I hope Bob continues to remind people of that record throughout the campaign, and continues to cut taxes as governor. I will say as well that I like the tax cutting regulation cutting Bob better than the new green jobs version.

Here is a video montage of Bob in his own words.

Here are quotes from Bob on the issue.

“McDonnell also rejected taxes, saying lawmakers should cut spending. “The worst thing you can do during a recession is try to tax yourself to prosperity,” he said”

The Virginian-Pilot, December 2, 2008

· McDonnell, who is unopposed for the Republican nomination, pointed out that unemployment is up and consumer confidence is at its lowest point in 30 years — not the time, he said, to place an additional financial burden on Virginia families. Rather than raising new revenue, McDonnell said, his administration would slash state government expenditures.

“We have a spending problem more than we have a taxation problem,” McDonnell said.

The Daily Progress. December 3, 2008

· McDonnell, in turn, said Deeds would be a poor steward to guide the state through a recession. "My philosophy is to keep taxes, regulation and litigation low," he said. "He set a record of doing something different."

The Washington Post (June 11, 2009)

· "The worst thing you can do is to tax your way to prosperity,'' McDonnell said. "That's failed in the United States and abroad."

The Washington Post, December 3, 2008

· "I'm conservative. But conservative means that you believe in limited government and low taxes and keeping regulations to a minimum”

The Washington Post (March 3, 2009)

· The former Virginia attorney general also said he would fight the rebirth of the “death tax” – an inheritance tax that was eliminated a few years ago.
“The federal government wants to reinstate that, and we should do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t,” McDonnell said. (March 8, 2009)

· “The focus of this campaign is clearly going to be the economic issues--jobs and the economy--will far and away be the top issue in the campaign,” he said. “And there will be a big gulf between my opponents and me about the things I want to do to stimulate the free enterprise system that creates jobs, and they’ll be talking about strengthening the rights of unions and raising taxes.”

CNS News (February 17, 2009)

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