Thursday, January 29, 2009

Urgent Pro-Life Action Needed

Just one phone call.   It's quick and easy and it may save a life.

I got this e-mail from the VSHL that needs to be acted on quickly to save unborn human life.

Senate Bill 1338, introduced by Sen. Mark R Herring (D-33 Leesburg), would promote state funding for research in biotechnology companies.
This bill has reached the floor of the Senate and contains no ethical safeguards to ensure that proposed funding would not be used for research on enbyonic stem cells or aborted babies. 
Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37 Fairfax) will offer floor amendments that would insure that SB1338 would not allow Virginia taxpayers to pay for research that destroys unborn human life. 
Action needed now.
Please contact your state senator and ask that he or she support any floor amendments to SB1338 that would prohibt Virginia state taxpayers money to be used for research on unborn human life or aborted babies.
Please go to the VSHL Virginia General Assembly website  to get further information on SB1338 and to find out who your state senator is.
If you need further information, please contact the VSHL office.
Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the unborn!
For life,
Maggie Disney
Virginia Society for Human Life, Inc.
6767 Forest Hill Ave., Suite 270
Richmond, VA 23225
804.560.8745 voice
804.560.8746 fax
To look up your state senator click here.

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