Friday, January 9, 2009

Dr. Paul on the Gaza Conflict

Normally I wouldn't care what Dr. Paul says.  He has some good points to make about our financial mess, and it is good to have his opinions voiced in the 435 member House of Representatives.  However Dr. Paul and the Campaign for Liberty were a topic of conversation at the RNC Chairman Candidates Debate on Monday.

Only two days before the debate, the Campaign for Liberty posted a video on YouTube of Dr. Paul's thoughts on the current Israeli/Gaza conflict.

Essentially Dr. Paul says that America is antagonizing the Muslims in the Middle East by not stopping Israel, says there is no benefit to supporting Israel.  He also argues we should not side with Israel in its fight with terrorists, says that Israel is fighting a preemptive war by invading Gaza after Gaza had refused to stop firing missiles at Israel, and while criticizing what America has done in this conflict, refused to offer a possible solution and simply says it is a hopeless mess.  He also questions why a nuclear power would attack a bunch of poor people who just have missiles.  Maybe the same reason America invaded Afghanistan.  We were under attack from people in that country.  If a countries sovereignty is to be upheld, it must defend itself, and if   

The candidates for RNC Chair were asked how they plan on reaching out to the Ron Paul supporters and the Campaign for Liberty.  In all seriousness though, how can the Republican Party reach out to Ron Paul and his supporters and still be the party of a strong national defense?

That said, I wish Ron Paul weren't so naive about foreign policy, because he has some really good things to say about inflation, especially the threat of inflation.  The things he says about our foreign policy turn people off to what he has to say about our financial mess so that that important message is not heard.

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