Friday, January 16, 2009

Cuccinelli Outraises Brownlee

The filing reports for money raised by candidates for executive office between July 30th and December 31st were due last night.  During a fundraising period that included both the 2008 elections, and a recession, Ken Cuccinelli outraised John Brownlee.

During that period, Cuccinelli raised $225,244 and has $220,536.  In that same period, John Brownlee raised $111,714 and now has $116,589 cash on hand.  While $30,000 of Cuccinelli's total was a transfer from his state senate account, Cuccinelli still significantly outraised Brownlee. 

Not only did Cuccinelli out raise Brownlee, but in another demonstration of his strong grass roots support, he also outperformed in sheer number of donors.  Cuccinelli had a total of 939 donors while Brownlee had 277 donors.  Cuccinelli also outraised Brownlee 724 to 158 in donations under $100.  

These numbers are important for at least two reasons.  Cuccinelli's strong fundraising performance will be important for the general election since Steve Shannon is waiting on the Democratic ticket with a war chest that currently sits at $740,000.  The grassroots strength reflected in these numbers will help Ken overcome a financial deficit in the general election as it has in past elections.  These new fundraising numbers reflect just how strong the Cuccinelli campaign is.

Ken is 3-0 in demonstrations of the strengths of the Cuccinelli campaign.  He had the best showing in the petition drive in the beginning of December, won the Republican Advance strawpoll, and now had the best showing in this past financial period.  Now it is on to the delegate elections.    

Sources for this article include the Bearing Drift article, AP article, and VPAP reports for both Brownlee and Cuccinelli.


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The Bulletproof Monk said...

Two thoughts.
$30K from his Senatorial campaign into his AG fund?
C'mon, man.
And secondly, google Safra Group.
Should be interesting, since Moran, Clinton and GW Bush gave their money back to them.